"After approximately 4 years of gathering information from various sources, I am finally prepared to show others what I call my scrapbook. This incorporates the majority of the work that Tony De Blasé included in his original version of the leather history timeline. Portions of his timeline have not been used and information from other sources has been included. The information from other sources is indicated at the end of each item. If the item has not been referenced to another source, then it is from Tony De Blasé’s timeline.

This has been my attempt to join both the heterosexual and homosexual history of the BDSM/ Fetish/Leather Lifestyles. What originally started out as a personal interest hobby turned into a major project. Though this project does not cover all aspects of the BDSM/Fetish/Leather lifestyle, it does include a majority. This project will continue to grow as I stumble across more and more information.

The words on these pages are not my words, but instead those of others who have researched this lifestyle. Again, my main focus was to combine the information that had been obtained from both the het and homosexual sides of life. As I have found information as well, I have included that in this scrapbook as well. But as you thumb through all the pages of this scrapbook, you will see the difference between this and anything else you have seen in the past. It indeed is a scrapbook of our history." -- Gwen Hardy on the original Colors of Leather website.
19901026NLA’s Living In Leather V conference is held in Portland, OR. Jim Richards is reelected Male co chair and Shannon Kennedy is elected Female co chair. The Rev. Troy Perry is keynote speaker and Chuck Renslow and Pat Califia are presented with lifetime achievement awards. The contest is switched to LIL from May Day and Howard Martin of Seattle and Ruth Marks of San Francisco win the Mr. and Ms NLA titles. Jan Lyon presents the organization with a huge, spectacular, studded leather banner created by Lee Willis of the Studworks.
19901The German SM-group AgibS/Mir is formed in Kiel. By 1995 it will have about 20 members.
1990214Luke Owens holds the first Southern California Maters and Slaves Contest
19902The Leather Journal names Dustin Logan, of Omaha Nebraska, and Jan Lyon of Seattle, man and woman of the year. Tony DeBlase is named businessperson of the year and GMSMA is named club of the year. 199033A fire destroys Touché, a prominent Chicago Leather Bar.
19906In New York City GMSMA is invited to send a representative to a community meeting to be held at the residence of the Mayor
1990724Congressman Bob Dornan reads his psychopath speech into the US Congressional Record, saying, There are no psychopathic dark recesses of my mind that know how to handle sadism, masochism, bondage, discipline, or torture disguised as some sort of sexual thrill...
19907Amsterdam women’s group Wild Side produces an SM educational slide show called How Do I Survive SM?
1990918Clive Platman, Mr. Australia Drummer, presents Leather Pride Flag designer Tony DeBlase with an Australian version of the flag, incorporating the southern cross, from the Australian national flag, onto the original LPF design.
1990922Clive Platman of Melbourne, Australia is named the 11th Mr. Drummer in the first truly International Mr. Drummer contest in San Francisco. John Siracusa is named Drummer boy of the year.
19909Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 19 in Douglas MI. William Robert Birtles receives the Caligula Award and Brian Drake the J. Paul Eaton award.
1990Publicaiton of Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and Other Writings by Marquis de Sade.
1990Publication of Bad Boys & Tough Tattoos by Sam Steward
1990Publication of Betty Being Bad by John Workman
1990Publication of Coming Out Under Fire Allan Berube History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two
1990Publication of Confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch by Wanda von Sacher-Masoch
1990Publication of Encyclopedia of Homosexuality by Wayne R. Dynes Two volume set
1990Publication of Execution Tools and Techniques by Bart Rommel
1990Publication of Flesh Fables by Aaron Travis
1990Publication of From Female to Male, The Life of Jack Bee by Garland Louis Sullivan
1990Publication of Lights Out in the Reptile House by Jim Shepard. A novel with strong SM overtones
1990Publication of LN (Leather News) in Hamburg, Germany. The Women’s SM magazine appears 4 times a year. The magazine ceases publication in 1995. (DACHS Timeline)
1990Publication of Mineshaft Nights by Leo Cardini Accurate picture of this famous place by one of its former employees
1990Publication of Naked Slave by Larry Townsend
1990Publication of The Quest by Ben George
1990Publication of Two BC by Sean and Etienne
1990Publicaton of Emmanuelle 2 by Crepax
1990Publicaton of Some Dance to remember by Jack Fritscher Novel set in San Francisco’s gay leather scene.
1990Luke Owens’ Master & Slave contest is held in Los Angeles and won by Mark Bowers and Bob Farrell.
1990Release of USSM 1, the first of a series of four videos co produced by Zeus and Drummer that depict real SM scenes with real SM players. There will eventually be four titles in this series. By 1995 they will be withdrawn from the US market due to persecution of the Los Angeles police.
1990The Finnish Government awards a $50,000 grant towards the making of a documentary on the life and work of Tom of Finland, to be entitled Daddy and the Muscle Academy.
1990The US Census Bureau for the fist time includes a question on the census form that can help identify same sex couples. 69,200 female couples and 88,200 male couples self-identify.
1990The 16 defendants in England’s Operation Spanner case are brought to trial and convicted of assault and battery, because the judge rules that consent is not recognized, and even the bottoms who were consensually “assaulted” are deemed guilty!
1990Barbary Coasters MC, SF; Trash, BC; and Zodiacs, BC disband.
1990Formation of AgibS/Mir Kiel
1990Formation of Ambush Dallas, TX
1990Formation of Bay Area Levi/Leather Society (BALLS), Corpus Christi, TX
1990Formation of Bluegrass Colts Lexington, KY
1990Formation of Boot Company Brisbane, Australia
1990Formation of Capital Leathermen Raleigh, NC
1990Formation of Challengers International MC Orlando, Fl
1990Formation of Chicago Jacks Chicago, Illinois
1990Formation of Colorado Outdoor Leather Dykes (COLD) CO
1990Formation of DAMES Milwaukee, WI
1990Formation of Front Range Bears Denver, CO
1990Formation of Great Lakes Harley Riders Milwaukee, WI
1990Formation of Leather Star Tacoma, Washington
1990Formation of Legacy Akron, OH
1990Formation of Levi Leather Brigade South Carolina
1990Formation of Melbourne Bondage Club Melbourne, Australia
1990Formation of Milwaukee Bondage Club Milwaukee, WI
1990Formation of New England Pierced Men Chelsea, MA
1990Formation of New Orleans Bondage Club New Orleans, LA
1990Formation of Ninja B&D/S&M San Francisco, CA
1990Formation of NLA - Atlanta Atlanta, GA
1990Formation of NLA - Florida Ft Lauderdale, FL
1990Formation of NLA - South Florida FL
1990Formation of NLA - Virginia Richmond, VA
1990Formation of Northwest Bears Seattle, WA
1990Formation of Omen
1990Formation of Omikron Indianapolis, IN
1990Formation of PEP - Nashville Nashville, TN
1990Formation of PEP - Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
1990Formation of QSM Quality SM Oakland, CA
1990Formation of Seattle Uniform Corps Seattle, WA
1990Formation of Tarheel Leather Club Greensboro, NC
1990Formation of United LeatherFolk of Connecticut Connecticut
1990Formation of Vulcan LL Columbus, OH
1990Formation of Western Canada Leather Pride Vancouver, BC
1990Formation of Wild Side (women) Amsterdam
1990QSM (Quality SM) founded by Karen Mendelsohn starts a series of SM/fetish educational classes in San Francisco, which is still going strong as this is published.
1990The German SM-group SMbH is formed in Hannover.
1990The newly formed Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro North Carolina, takes on the formidable task of trying to unseat US Senator Jesse Helms R-NC. Their Beat Jesse campaign gains nationwide support, including that of IMsL Susie Sheperd with her t-shirt campaign.
1990Titles: Drummer 1990 Clive Platman of Australia
1990Titles: Drummer boy 1990 John Siracusa
1990Titles: IML 1990 Mark Ryan
1990Titles: IMsL 1990 Gabrielle Antolovich
1990Titles: Mr. NLA 1990 Howard Martin
1990Titles: Ms NLA 1990 Ruth Marks
199196Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 20 in Douglas MI. This year Inferno is expanded to six days, divided into A and B sessions.
19911011NLA’s Living in Leather VI conference is held in Chicago. Perry Watkins delivers the keynote address and Steve Maidhof and Jan Lyon are presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Bill Miranda Saltzman and Laura Goodwin are named Mr. and Ms NLA at the contest.
19911025The fifth Annual “Dressing for Pleasure” Gala is held at the Meadowlands Hilton in Seacaucus, New Jersey. The weekend includes a Bazaar Fashion Boutique, and Fashion Show. (Leather Journal 25)
19912Pantheon of Leather Event Pin
19912Pantheon of Leather The Leather Journal holds its first Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony in Los Angeles.
19912Pantheon of Leather Business Person Lee Willis, Studworks
19912Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Tarheel leather Club
19912Pantheon of Leather Forebearer award Tom of Finland
19912Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Bill Costomiris
19912Pantheon of Leather Non-Profit Organization Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
19912Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Bob Craig
19912Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Susie Shepherd
19912Pantheon of Leather Regional Bill Costomiris
19912Pantheon of Leather Regional George Nelson
19912Pantheon of Leather Regional Jaye Evans
19912Pantheon of Leather Regional Race Bannon
19912Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Susie Shepherd
199138GMSMA celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a reception, conference, banquet, and show. The printed program is rich in historical information including a prototype of this timeline compiled by Gil Kessler and Thor Stockman.
19916Fakir Musafar was one of five controversial photographers featured in the “Five on the Edge” Show at the Shaynew Gallery in San Francisco. Other artists appearing in the show were Mark I. Chester, Charles Gatewood, Nona Glasper and Michael Rosen. (Leather Journal 23)
1991819The Club Chateau, a straight bondage parlor in North Hollywood was approved for a zoning permit for its operation. This is the first permit issued for such a business in the area. The club was issued a conditional use permit, but must abide by 19 rules to ensure that “whatever goes on inside, can’t be heard outside. (Leather Journal 27)
1991922The South of the Market Merchants and Individual’s Lifestyle Events (SMMILE) are producers of the first Folsom Street Fair held in San Francisco, in conjunction with the International Mr. Drummer Contest. Members of the first board include: Michael Valerio, Jerry Vallaire, Donna Shrout, Peter L.T. Messina, Ed Gabet, Pat Weibeler, Ray Tilton, Ross Foti, Nova Lei and Ricky Stricko. Advisory Board members are: Ray Chalker, Doug Deal, Lauren Hewitt, Mr. Marcus, Julie Ring, Susan Schindler, Alan Selby and Terry Thompson. (Leather Journal 21)
19911011At the opening ceremonies of Living in Leather a Canadian version of the Leather Pride Flag is presented. It ads to the basic design of the flag a row of red maple leaves running horizontally through the white stripe
1991117Tom of Finland dies of emphysema in Helsinki at the age of 71.
19911111Steve Maidhof, founding daddy of the National Leather Association and creator of the Living in Leather conferences, dies in San Francisco.
1991Publication of A Breviary of Torment by Thomas Cashet
1991Publication of Attitude magazine begins out of St Louis, MO. The magazine deals with female supremacy and is owned and operated by women. (GHardy)
1991Publication of Frisk by Dennis Cooper Highly controversial novel full of violence and terminal scenes.
1991Publication of Hometowns by John Preston
1991Publication of Leather Rouges by Bill Lee (R.L. Warner)
1991Publication of LeatherFolk by Mark Thompson
1991Publication of Leathermen Speak Out, An Anthology on Leathersex by Jack Ricardo
1991Publication of Master’s Counterpoints by Larry Townsend. First in a series of gay mystery novels with a leather theme.
1991Publication of Rogues to Remember by Bill Lee
1991Publication of Servitude and Surrender Larry Townsend
1991Publication of SM Confessional by Larry Townsend
1991Publication of The Joy of Sexual Fantasy by Dr. Andrew Stanway
1991Publication of Trust: The Hand Book by Bert Herrman
1991Publication of Understanding the Male Hustler by Sam Steward
1991Publication of Whips & Kisses: Parting the Leather Curtain by Mistress Jacqueline
1991Publication of Zur Strafbarkeit sado-masochistischer Koerperverletzung by German lawyer Valentin Sitzmann . His analysis of German federal law comes to the conclusion that consensual sadomasochism is legal in Germany as long as any injury is not excessive. In his opinion, Masochists cannot be sued at all.
1991Luke Owens’s Master & Slave contest in Los Angeles is won by Race Bannon & Mike Pierce.
1991Melbourne Leather Men become the first club to incorporate the Leather Pride Flag design elements into their club colors.
1991Artist Robert Bishop took his own life at the age of 46. Often referred to only as Bishop, he is best known for his black and white work. Considered by many to be the Master of bondage illustration, his work commonly features hapless women, straining against their bonds, heavily gagged, and wearing latex (GHardy)
1991C-Space, a leather/SM/fetish educational service, which conducts lectures, demonstrations, etc. on various subjects, is organized in Seattle.
1991Formation of 3SM in Calgary, Canada
1991Formation of Arani in Leather St Louis, MO
1991Formation of Baltimore Leather Association of the Deaf (BLADeaf) Baltimore, MD
1991Formation of Bay Area Brigade San Francisco, CA
1991Formation of Bear Paws of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa
1991Formation of Blue Grass Bears Louisville, KY
1991Formation of Bound by Desire Austin, TX
1991Formation of Chain of Command San Antonio, TX
1991Formation of Denver Smoke (Cigar) Denver, CO
1991Formation of Fallen Idols Vancouver, Canada
1991Formation of Female Trouble Philadelphia, PA
1991Formation of Key West Wreckers Key West, Fl
1991Formation of Leather Corps Los Angeles, CA
1991Formation of Leather Order of the Desert Palm Springs, CA
1991Formation of Lesborados Washington, DC
1991Formation of Melbourne Leather Man Melbourne, Australia
1991Formation of Moonlight Leather Association of the Deaf (MLAD) San Diego, CA
1991Formation of New England Leather Alliance (NELA) Massachusetts
1991Formation of Nightcrawlers Worchester, MA
1991Formation of NLA - Austin Austin, TX
1991Formation of NLA - Buffalo Buffalo, NY
1991Formation of NLA - Deaf Chapter Dallas, TX
1991Formation of NLA - Houston Houston, TX
1991Formation of NLA - Kansas City Kansas City, MO
1991Formation of Norsemen NH New Hampshire
1991Formation of Orange Coast Leather Assembly (OCLA) CA
1991Formation of OzBears Sydney, Australia
1991Formation of Patrol Uniform Club San Antonio, TX
1991Formation of PenDragons Birmingham, AL
1991Formation of PEP - Atlanta Atlanta, GA
1991Formation of PEP - Houston Houston, TX
1991Formation of Regiment, The Fort Wayne, IN
1991Formation of South Florida Bondage Club Ft Lauderdale, Fl
1991Formation of Stars MC Albany, NY
1991Formation of Teddy Bear Club of Virginia Virginia
1991Formation of Temple of Hecate Cincinnati, OH
1991Formation of Three Rivers Leather Club Pittsburgh, PA
1991Formation of Tri-State Wolfpack Cincinnati, OH
1991Formation of Unicorns Madison, WI
1991Formation of Vancouver Independent Leather Enthusiasts (VILE) Vancouver, Canada
1991The German SM-activist group AAG SM & Oeffentlichkeit is formed as part of the Suendikat Hamburg. Its aim is to improve the contact of sadomasochists with the general public and spread information among the German SM-subculture.
1991Titles: American Leatherman 1991 Jose Alberto Ucles
1991Titles: Drummer 1991 Woody Bebout
1991Titles: Drummer boy 1991 Kevin Steadman
1991Titles: IML 1991 “D” Cannon
1991Titles: IMsL 1991 Kay Hallanger
1991Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf leather 1991 Phil Rubin
1991Titles: Mr. NLA Bill Miranda Salzman
1991Titles: Ms NLA Laura Goodwin
199299Chicago Hellfire Club holds Inferno 21 in Douglas MI. Robert Guenther receives the Caligula Award and Ty Clements the J. Paul Eaton award.
1992109NLA’s Living in Leather VII conference is held in Chicago. Pat Bond, a founder of Eulenspiegel in New York City, gives the keynote address and also receives the Lifetime Achievement award. Andy Anderson and K. T. Chase are selected as Mr. and Ms NLA.
19922Luke Owens coupled his contest to the Pantheon of Leather weekend and renamed it the International Master & Slave Contest. Winners this year were K.T. Chase and Susie Shepard.
1992330Debra Chasnoff wins an Academy Award for the documentary film Deadly Deception.
19923The German heterosexual SM-group SMart Rhein-Ruhr is founded in Essen. By 1997, it will have 100 members and regional groups in seven cities.
19924The first regular Munch takes place at Kirk’s in Palo Alto CA after Stella posts the date on the internet newsgroup Sporadic Munches had taken place before then.
1992517Clubs across the continent host screening parties for the comedy video Out For Laughs a collaboration of many gay and lesbian talents spearheaded by stand up comic, and International Ms Leather 1988, Shan Carr.
1992519Desmodus Inc., including Drummer, Mach, Tough Customers, DungeonMaster, The Sandmutopia Guardian, and The Sandmutopia Supply Company, is sold to a Dutch corporation headed by Martin Bakker, who is also the owner of RoB Amsterdam stores and galleries. Tony DeBlase becomes Editor Emeritus.
1992523The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Leather Archives and Museum is held during the IML weekend in Chicago. LA&M is officially founded.
19925The German heterosexual SM-group SMart Bremen-Oldenburg is founded in Bremen and Oldenburg.
1992109NLA organizes demonstrations at the British Consulate in Chicago protesting treatment of the Operation Spanner defendants.
1992118Representatives from the leather/SM communities meet with representatives of the National Endowment of the Arts to discuss attacks on freedom of expression. Peri Jude Radecic of NGLTF organizes the meetings.
1992119The German Sadomasochist Wolfgang Boghardt holds public information courses on SM at Volkschochschulen (adult education centers) in Duisburg and Muelheim an der Ruhr. Media attention will force him to stop the popular courses.
199211Publication of the first issue of Checkmate, by T. A. Feldwebel, former editor of DungeonMaster, as an alternative to that title.
1992Forge leather Calendar 1992
1992The Leather Journal publishes Cuir Magazine. The magazine has 18 issues published. (GHardy)
1992Publication of Dream Master and other SM Stories by Larry Townsend
1992Publication of Erotic Power: An Exploration of Dominance and Submission by Gina Graham Scott
1992Publication of Leatherwomen by Laura Antoniou
1992Publication of Male images from Durieu / Delacroix to Mapplethorpe by Allen Ellenzweig
1992Publication of One for the Master, Two for the Fool by Larry Townsend
1992Publication of Sadomasochism in Everyday Life: Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness by Lynn S. Chancer
1992Publication of SexPert by Pat Califia
1992Publication of Sexual Magic: The SM Photographs by Michael Rosen
1992Publication of Sir! More Sir! The Joy of S&M by Master Jackson
1992Publication of SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman
1992Publication of Tales of Arrogance, Whips and Humiliation by Larry Townsend
1992Publication of Tales of the Dark Lord by John Preston
1992Publication of The Exchange by Robert Payne (John Embry), maybe-fact,maybe-fiction account of an international organization which discretely handles the sale of male slaves around the world.
1992Publication of The Switch and other Stories by Torsten Barring
1992Publication of When the Whip Comes Down (A novel about DeSade) by Jeremy Reed
1992Publication of Zur Sozialgeschichte des Sadomasochismus by German Peter Bahnen, in which he explains his theory on the processes that enabled the formation of sadomasochistic subcultures at this time in history.
1992Publication of the first issue of Body Play magazine, edited and published by Fakir Musifar.
1992Ad for Crypt Leathers of San Diego (GHardy)
1992Ad for Northbound Leather, Toronto
1992Pantheon of Leather The Leather Journal’s Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony is held in Los Angeles.
1992A con artist begins plaguing the leather/SM/fetish community. Beginning shortly after “Fantasy 92” in August, a man has been calling people, claiming to be a leather titleholder and asking for money. The caller always calls collect and claims some problems, a mugging in which a wallet with identification is lost or a broken down vehicle, and asks the victim to send the money by Western Union using a code word instead of ID verification. (Leather Journal 40). As of 2004, this scam continues (GHardy)
1992The Video, Safe, Sane, Consensual SM, is released and is produced by Greg Roberts and Ann Soucy-West. The subject of interviews for the video were Bill H., Billy Lane, Cirby, Dano Wells, Darrel “Cub” Haven, David N. Lourea, David May, J.C. Collins, Joseph Bean, C.J. Blade, Pat Califia, Shadow, Sharon, Sky, Sybil Holiday and Wolf. (Leather Journal 35)
1992Formation of 501 Levis Club Los Angeles, CA
1992Formation of Boston Dungeon Society Boston, MA
1992Formation of Cascade Bears Portland, Oregon
1992Formation of Defenders Columbus, OH
1992Formation of Defenders LLC Washington, DC
1992Formation of Defenders/Dignity Denver, CO
1992Formation of Desert Brotherhood MC NV
1992Formation of Empire Levi Leather San Bernardino, CA
1992Formation of Knights of Malta, Cable Car Chapter San Francisco, Ca
1992Formation of Leather and Fetish Community Germany
1992Formation of Leather Knights Dallas, TX
1992Formation of Leather Youth of South Florida (21+) Oakland Park, Fl
1992Formation of Long Island Ravens MC NY
1992Formation of Lustvolles Leiden Muenster
1992Formation of Main Pain Frankfurt, Germany
1992Formation of Memphis Leather/Levi Alliance Memphis, TN
1992Formation of Minnesota Leather Den (women) Minneapolis, MN
1992Formation of Minnesota Leather Encounter Minneapolis, MN
1992Formation of Misfits Houston, TX
1992Formation of Neue Regal Jacksonville, FL
1992Formation of No Club Motorcycle Club, (NCMC) Colorado
1992Formation of Northeast Ursamen New Preston, CT
1992Formation of Sadomasochistische Interessengemeinschaft e. V , GER German SM Group
1992Formation of SMart Bremen-Oldenburg Bremen
1992Formation of Smart Rhein-Ruhr Essen, Germany
1992Formation of Syracuse Men’s Club Syracuse, NY
1992Formation of Tampa Bay Bondage Club Tampa, FL
1992Formation of URSAMEN New Preston, CT
1992Formation of Ursus Dayton, OH
1992Formation of Wolf Pack S & M Dearborn, MI
1992The German SM-group Lustvolles Leiden is formed in Muenster.
1992Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year R. J.Chaffin, Mr. S. Leather
1992Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Chicago Hellfire
1992Pantheon of Leather Eastern Region Peri Jude Radecic
1992Pantheon of Leather Forebearer award Gayle Rubin
1992Pantheon of Leather International Award George Whiting
1992Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Tom of Finland
1992Pantheon of Leather Midwestern Region Thom Dombowski
1992Pantheon of Leather Not For Profit Organization National Leather Assoc.
1992Pantheon of Leather Publishers Chuck Renslow
1992Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Award Clive Platman
1992Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Award Ruth Marks
1992Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Dino Rosie
1992Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Philip Rubin
1992Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region M. P. Breslin
1992Pantheon of Leather West Coast Region John Siracusa
1992Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Pat Califia
1992Titles: American Leatherman Jose Alberto Ucles
1992Titles: Drummer 1992 Emerson Briney
1992Titles: Drummer boy 1992 John Hare
1992Titles: IML 1992 Lenny Broberg
1992Titles: IMsL 1992 Blair Kituwa
1992Titles: Int’l Master 1992 KT Chase
1992Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1992 Bob Donaldson
1992Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1992 Dave Rhodes
1992Titles: Int’l Slave 1992 Susie Shepard
1992Titles: Mr. NLA Andy Anderson
1992Titles: Ms NLA KT Chase
1992Titles: Ms NLA Susie Shepard
1993108NLA’s Living In Leather VIII conference was held in Houston. Peri Jude Radecic keynote speaker. Lifetime Achievement Awards go to Fakir Musafar and Dorothy Hajdys. Mark Frasier & Artemis Silver Owl both from Dallas, are named Mr. & Ms NLA.
199336Pantheon of Leather Event Pin
199336Pantheon of Leather The Leather Journal’s Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony is held in Orlando.
199336Pantheon of Leather Business Person of year Kevin Drewery
199336Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region Bill Houghton
199336Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Outer Limits
199336Pantheon of Leather Eastern Region Barry Douglas
199336Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Dom Orejudos
199336Pantheon of Leather International Award Andy Anderson
199336Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Chuck Renslow
199336Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Woody Bebout
199336Pantheon of Leather Midwestern Region Bryan Smith
199336Pantheon of Leather Not for Profit Organization Aids Emergency Fund
199336Pantheon of Leather Publishers Wane Griffith
199336Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man Joseph Bean
199336Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man Woody Bebout
199336Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Woman Kay Hallanger
199336Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Pat Sanchez
199336Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Chuck Higgins
199336Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Janet Blevens
199336Pantheon of Leather West Coast Region Race Bannon
199336Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Kay Hallanger
1993424The second SM Leather Conference is held in Washington DC during the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Rights. Barry Douglas, Leon McGowen, D. Cannon, Jan Hall, Jan Lyon, Sharron Kennedy and J.C. Collins are responsible for leading and organizing the event.
1993424Jad Keres and other members of the American lesbian SM-group Female Trouble Philadelphia launch a study on violence against lesbian sadomasochists at the ASM Leather Conference during the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Rights.
19934Publication of Black Sheets magazine by Black Books, a bisexual owned and operated business, located in San Francisco, CA. (GJHardy)
1993528Publication of the first edition of this Leather History TimeLine edited by Anthony F. DeBlase.
1993528Leather Archives and Museum opens its first display of collected materials during the International Mr. Leather weekend in Chicago.
1993529Leather Archives and Museum holds it’s first membership meeting in Chicago during IML.
19935The German SM-group SMAGK is formed in Karslruhe. By 1995 it will have about 15 members.
19936Publication of the Lesbian S/M Magazine, Venus Infers by a group of San Francisco Leatherdykes. (GHardy)
1993812Trident International Windy City founded by John Schultz, Rob Ridinger and Ed Luisi.
19938Publication of SM Adressbuch by German AG SM & Oeffentlichkeit, this is the first editionof what would become a yearly collection of mostly heterosexual SM-resources and addresses. More than 3,500 copies will have been sold by August 1995.
199399The first leather/sm/fetish munch in Oregon is held at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in Hillsboro. 19 people attend including Patti Beadles who, as Kris Asber, had posted the invitation for the munch to Within the next two days she had founded the pdx.abs mailing list and shortly thereafter the group started having munches on a weekly basis at the Blue Moon saloon in Portland. As of this printing they still do.
199311The German sociologist Thomas A. Wetzstein publishes the results of a study on the German SM-subculture in Sadomasochismus – Szenen und Rituale. The findings support the concepts of Spengler and Weinbert. About 38% of the respondents are women. The results are not published in English and receive no notice outside of Germany.
1993Ad For Skin Two magazine. (GHardy)
1993Publication Quarterlink by the NLA, its monthly newsletter . This is the summer 1993 issue (Ghardy)
1993Publication of Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do, The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society by Peter McWilliams
1993Publication of Armed Robbery Orgasm by Ronald W. Keyes and John Money
1993Publication of Art of Spanking by Manara Enard
1993Publication of Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist
1993Publication of Bondage Book by Rick Castro
1993Publication of Boudoir Noir magazine by Robert Dante in Canada
1993Publication of Erotic massage by Kenneth Ray Stubbs
1993Publication of Experimentation, Punishment and Revenge by Larry Townsend
1993Publication of Exposed, Big Shots, and Beast of Burden by Aaron Travis Three collections of short stories
1993Publication of Fantasy Fashion Digest by Strictly Speaking Pub Co., begins. The magazine is a source for fetish clothing in rubber, leather and other fabrics. (GHardy)
1993Publication of Flesh and the word 2: An Anthology of Erotic Writing by John Preston
1993Publication of Le Phallus, Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power by Alain Danilou Published in French, US Edition in 1995
1993Publication of Leathermen Speak Out 2 by Jack Ricardo
1993Publication of Lewd Conduct by John W. Rowberry
1993Publication of Melting Point by Pat Califia
1993Publication of Metropolitan Slave Anthology by Jeb
1993Publication of Metropolitan Slave, a magazine for bottoms, begins. (GHardy)
1993Publication of My Life as a Pornographer, & other indecent acts by John Preston
1993Publication of On The Safe Edge, A Manual for SM Play by Trevor Jacques
1993Publication of Peter Thornwell Barring by Torsten
1993Publication of Rogues of San Francisco by Bill Lee
1993Publication of Run No More by Larry Townsend
1993Publication of Scorpius Equation by Larry Townsend
1993Publication of Sexual Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Larry Townsend
1993Publication of SM: Sensuous Magic, A Guide for Adventurous Couples by Pat Califia
1993Publication of Tales of Experimentation, Punishment and Revenge by Larry Townsend
1993Publication of The Arena by John Preston
1993Publication of The Leather Contest Guide by Guy Baldwin
1993Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook II by Larry Townsend 1993 Edition
1993Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend 1993 Edition
1993Publication of The Q Letters: True Stories of Sadomasochism by Sir John
1993Publication of Ties that Bind by Guy Baldwin Compilation of his columns from Drummer and other publications.
1993Publication of Unleashing Feminism: Critiquing Lesbian Sadomasochism in the Gay Nineties byPat Parker
1993The Magazine of a Sadomasochistic Club The Tie that Binds by Rick Houlberg is published in the Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 21 (1/2). This is the first know content analysis of such a publication.
1993The periodical, Bitches with Whips begins out of Seattle, Washington (GHardy)
1993Chicago. Cycle MC and Wheels MC merge in NYC.
1993Formation of Alameda County Leather Corps San Francisco, CA
1993Formation of Atlanta Corporal Punishment Club Atlanta, GA
1993Formation of Bad Girls Portland, OR
1993Formation of Chicago Cycle MC (merges with Wheels MC) New York
1993Formation of Chico’s Leather Club Chico, CA
1993Formation of Club Winnipeg Canada
1993Formation of CODE Denver, Co
1993Formation of Dallas Bears Dallas, TX
1993Formation of Icon Detroit, MI
1993Formation of Journeymen Syracuse, NY
1993Formation of Knight Hawks of Virginia VA
1993Formation of Last Frontier Men’s Club Alaska
1993Formation of Louisville Nightwings Louisville, KY
1993Formation of LYNX (Leathermen Yearning for eXcitement) Toronto, CAN
1993Formation of Metro Leather Society Royal Oak, MI
1993Formation of North American Transvestite/Transsexual Leather Club Seattle, WA
1993Formation of North Country Bears Minneapolis, MN
1993Formation of Reno’s Leather Underground Sparks, NV
1993Formation of RI Enforcers (Changed name to Enforcers NE after the move to MA) Rhode Island
1993Formation of Society of Leather Women Towards SM (SLUTS) Chicago, IL
1993Formation of South Texas Leather Men Corpus Christi, TX
1993Formation of Southern Bears Atlanta, GA
1993Formation of Suncoast LLC St Petersburg, Fl
1993Formation of Tartarus St Louis, MO
1993Formation of Trident International - Columbus Columbus, OH
1993Formation of Trident International - Windy City Chicago, IL
1993Formation of Trident Knights Charleston, SC
1993Formation of Ultra-Sex Alliance (women) Ann Arbor, MI
1993Formation of Wild Women Los Angeles, CA
1993Formation of Winnipeg Leather Levi Club Canada
1993Formation of Womyn Hedonists into Pain / Pleasure (WHIPS) Michigan
1993Titles: American Leatherman 1993 Jeff Chiofolo
1993Titles: Drummer 1993 Graylin Thornton
1993Titles: Drummer boy 1993 Spot Gilea
1993Titles: IML 1993 Henri Ten Have
1993Titles: IMsL 1993 Amy Marie Meek
1993Titles: Int’l Master 1993 Tammerlayn von Hohenzollern
1993Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1993 David Morgan
1993Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1993 Tony Deverso
1993Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva A 1993 Joe Potter
1993Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva B 1993 Kay Hallanger
1993Titles: Int’l Ms Deaf Leather 1993 Susan Gonzales
1993Titles: Int’l Slave 1993 Kit Terkel
1993Titles: Mr. NLA 1993 Mark Frazier
1993Titles: Ms NLA 1993 Artemis Silverowl
1994527Leather Archives & Museum exhibits a portion of its collection in Chicago during International Mr. Leather 1994.
19941The Lure, a leather bar, opens in New York City just around the corner from the former site of the Mineshaft. The consortium of owners are all leathermen. It is instantly successful.
199436Pantheon of Leather The Leather Journal’s Pantheon of Leather awards ceremony is held in Houston
199436Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year Mr. S. Leather
199436Pantheon of Leather Business Person Scott Rodriguez, The Cuff in Seattle
199436Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region Trevor Jacques
199436Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Centaur
199436Pantheon of Leather Club Sponsored Event Living in Leather VIII
199436Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Joseph Bean
199436Pantheon of Leather Eastern Region Alan Chiras
199436Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Dom “Etienne” Orejudos
199436Pantheon of Leather International Award Don Bastian
199436Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Tony DeBlase
199436Pantheon of Leather Midwest Region Ed Tobin
199436Pantheon of Leather Non Profit Organization Brother Help Thyself
199436Pantheon of Leather Publishers Brian Dawson
199436Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man Lenny Broberg
199436Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Woman K.T, Chase
199436Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Joe Potter
199436Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Boot Adams
199436Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Jose Alberto Ucles
199436Pantheon of Leather West Coast Region Guy Baldwin
199436Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year K. T. Chase
1994331Tom of Finland exhibition opens at the Schwules Museum in Berlin for a three month run. A Catalog of the exhibition is published: Tom of Finland Exhibition 1994-95.
19943Publication of Doomed Rabbit, Recipes from the Kitchens of Leather Folk and Friends compiled by Aubrey Hart Sparks, and including recipes contributed by leather people from all over North America, and from some non-leather people including Hillary Clinton, is published as a fundraiser in the “Hands off Washington” campaign.
19943The American lesbian SM-group Female Trouble in Philadelphia publishes the study Violence against SM Women within the Lesbian Community (The AJad Keres Report). Based on a 539 questionnaires completed by lesbian sadomasochists, the study documents that 56% of them were subjected to some form of violence from vanilla lesbians because of their SM orientation. This is the only known study on violence against sadomasochist, lesbian or otherwise
1994623The German government television station ARD shows a documentary on the SM group Suendikat Hamburg. Though the end shows a female sadomasochist who plans to get rid of her orientation, the tone of this program is mostly positive.
1994626Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots held in New York City at the conclusion of Gay Games 1994. Hundreds of thousands of gay men and women fill the city in celebration.
19946A consortium of NYC area leather/SM clubs sponsors International SM-Leather-Fetish Celebration. The largest conference of SM/leather/fetish people yet!
19949The first regular German radio program on sadomasochism by sadomasochists, Radio Schwazer Adler, is started in Hamburg. It will broadcast over 30 programs by July 1997.
199410Living in Leather IX is held in Toronto ON. K. T. Chase becomes new female Co-chair. Lifetime Achievement awards are presented to John Preston and Nan Burrows. Titleholders selected are Mr. NLA Don Bastian of Calgary and Ms NLA Mary Dante of Toronto
1994Ad for Forge Leather Calendar, Toronto, Ontario (GHardy)
1994Publication of ACaning For Singapore by RT/Texas
1994Publication of Animal Handlers by Jay Shaffer
1994Publication of Bondage Book 3 by Rick Castro
1994Publication of Bondage Photos of Tom “Ropes” McGurk by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of Chains (re-print) by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of Conduct Unbecoming by Randy Shilts
1994Publication of Doing it for Daddy by Pat Califia
1994Publication of Elements of Arousal by Lars Eighner
1994Publication of Erotica Universalis by Giles Neret
1994Publication of Harmony’s Heroines by Harmony Concepts (GHardy)
1994Publication of Hazing: An Anthology of Hazing Tales by Bob Wingate
1994Publication of His Mistress’s Voice by G.C. Scott
1994Publication of History of Torture by G. Scott
1994Publication of Hustling: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Fine Art of Homosexual Prostitution by John Preston
1994Publication of Kiss of Leather (re-print) by Larry Townsend motorcyclists, cops and lovers mix it up in a flurry of action involving murder and betrayal, with the identity of the killer uncertain until the very end.
1994Publication of Leathersex: A Guide for the Curious Outsider and the Serious Player by Joseph Bean
1994Publication of LeatherSex by Max Exander (Paul Reed)
1994Publication of Leatherwomen II by Laura Antoniou
1994Publication of ManSword by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of Mapplethorpe, Assault with a Deadly Camera, A Pop Culture Memoir by Jack Fritscher
1994Publication of Mind Master by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of Passion magazine by Mistress Diamond begins. 12 issues are published. (GHardy)
1994Publication of Photos of Tom “Rope” McGurk by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of Public Sex by Pat Califia
1994Publication of Resource Book by Three SM Gays of London
1994Publication of Rituals by Kyle Stone
1994Publication of Sadomasochism by William Thompson
1994Publication of Sexual Art by Michael A. Rosen
1994Publication of Sexual Portraits: Photographs of Radical Sexuality by Michael A. Rosen
1994Publication of Shaddowman by Torsten Barring
1994Publication of Slave Prince by Vince Gilman
1994Publication of Submission Holds Key by Lincoln
1994Publication of Tales from the Dark lord II by John Preston
1994Publication of That Day at the Quarry by Tom Shaw
1994Publication of The Case of the Severed Head by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, with considerably revised definitions of Masochism and Sadism, which in essence say that it they are not illnesses unless you are bothered by your interest in them and they interfere with your normal functioning in other aspects of your life.
1994Publication of The Faustus Contract by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of The Flesh Fables by Aaron Travis
1994Publication of The Kiss of the Whip: Explorations in SM by Jim Prezwalski
1994Publication of The Long Leather Cord (re-print) by Larry Townsend
1994Publication of The Masters Manual by Jack Rinella
1994Publication of Tom of Finland Exhibition
1994Publication of Tom of Finland, His Life and Times by Valentine F. Hooven III
1994Publication of Unnatural Acts, A Dominant Talks About by Susan Shellogg
1994Publication of Wired Hard by Cecilia Tan
1994Publication of Yva Richards by Alexandre Dupouy
1994Publication of Beneath The Skins by Ivo Domingues, Jr
1994Publication of the first issues of serials: Black Leather In Color (8 issues published and ceased in Winter of 2000), Fetish, In Uniform, Masta Entertainment Complete Video Catalog, and Project X.
1994Thomas S. Weinberg publishes a summary of two decades of sociological research on sadomasochism, describing it as erotic, consensual, and recreational.
1994Business openings include: Clone Zone store on Earls Court, across from the Coleherne, London’s oldest leather bar; Gays and Lesbians of Brooklyn and Everywhere community center; Mon Cheri’s The Chamber, Atlanta, GA; Our House Gallery, Amsterdam; and 7702 SM Club, West Hollywood.
1994Faultline, formerly Griff’s Los Angeles, reopens.
1994Satyrs MC, the oldest leather/motorcycle club in the USA (and the world) holds the 33rd and LAST Badger Flats Run. That is what they said then; in 1998 the Satyrs resume the Badger Flats Run!
1994The first Spanner/Mart fundraiser, organized by the 15 Association and others, is held in San Francisco to raise money for the Operation Spanner defense fund.
1994A film version of Ann Rice’s novel Exit to Eden is released. It is very SM positive, but critics pan it.
1994Gayle Rubin completes her PhD in Anthropology at the University of Michigan. Her dissertation is The Valley of the Kings: Leathermen in San Francisco, 1960 - 1990.
1994In an interview published in The New Yorker, Dominique Aury admits that she is Pauline Reage, author of The Story of O. She said she wrote the book as a love letter to the man she adored, Jean Paulhan, a prominent French critic, after he said she couldn’t write an erotic book.
1994The American psychologist Eugene E. Levitt and colleagues confirm Breslow’s finding that nonprostitute female sadomasochists exist.
1994Formation of 4-L Club San Francisco, Ca
1994Formation of Artemis Women’s Motorcycle Club Fresno, CA
1994Formation of Bear Buddies Toronto, CAN
1994Formation of Bears Club Japen Japan
1994Formation of Bears Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
1994Formation of Bears Of San Francisco San Francisco, Ca
1994Formation of Bears San Diego San Diego, CA
1994Formation of Bears Ventura Ventura, CA
1994Formation of Betty Page Social Club (Vancouver BC Branch) Vancouver, BC
1994Formation of Black Eagle Leather Klub Los Angeles, CA
1994Formation of Black Jack Bears Las Vegas, NV
1994Formation of Boston Rubber Club Boston, MA
1994Formation of Brothers in Leather New York
1994Formation of Chemnitzer Eagle Germany
1994Formation of Club Les Cuirasses de Quebec Quebec City, CAN
1994Formation of Club X (formerly NLA San Diego) San Diego, CA
1994Formation of Colorado Leather Guild Denver, CO
1994Formation of Defenders LLC San Francisco, Ca
1994Formation of Delta International
1994Formation of Denver Leather Association Denver, CO
1994Formation of Empowerment through Sensual Conduct and Attitudes Power Exchange (Escape) Las Vegas, NV
1994Formation of FIST - Baltimore (Females Investigating Sexual Terrain) Baltimore, MD
1994Formation of FIST - Houston (Females in Search of Trouble) Houston, TX
1994Formation of Fits Like a Glove (Leathers Gloves) (FLAG) Houston, TX
1994Formation of Golden State Bears CA
1994Formation of Houston Area Bears Houston, TX
1994Formation of Inter-Bike Copenhagen
1994Formation of Junction City Teddy Bears Kansas City, MO
1994Formation of Leather Club Thuringen Germany
1994Formation of Leather Scribes
1994Formation of Mates Provincetown, RI
1994Formation of Mecs en Caoutchiuc Dammarie Les Lys, France
1994Formation of Mid Michigan Bears MI
1994Formation of MudMen (changed name to Sludgemaster) Houston, TX
1994Formation of Offender Gespraechskreis SM Berlin, Germany
1994Formation of Red Earth Bears OK
1994Formation of Rogues MC Roanoke, Va
1994Formation of SandMen San Diego
1994Formation of Silver State Leather Association Reno, NV
1994Formation of SludgeMaster (Originally Mudmen) Houston, TX
1994Formation of Steel City Centurions Birmingham, AL
1994Formation of Tennessee Leather Tribe Memphis, TN
1994Formation of Toronto Deaf Leather Association Toronto, CAN
1994The German SM-group Smile Freiburg is formed in Friburg.
1994The mailbox Slaves and Masters BBS is founded in Hamburg, Germany.
1994The pansexual German SM-group Offender Gespraechskreis SM is formed in Berlin.
1994Brent Lacey (IML 1993 first runner-up) receives Order of Australia from Queen Elizabeth II for success of the Red Ribbon Project.
1994First Mr. Bear Ohio, Ms East Coast Leather, Idaho Leather Pride, Mr. New Mexico Leather, Mr. New Mexico Leather Pride, Mr. Oklahoma Drummer, Mr. Philadelphia Deaf Leather, Rocky Mountain Ms Leather, Ms San Diego Leather Woman, and Western Canada Drummer contests.
1994Titles: American Leatherman 1994 Victor Magide
1994Titles: American Leatherwoman 1994 Sarah Humble
1994Titles: Drummer 1994 Keith Hunt
1994Titles: Drummer boy 1994 Mark Colter
1994Titles: IML 1994 Jeff Tucker
1994Titles: IMsL A 1994 Ann Bergstedt
1994Titles: IMsL B 1994 Cindy Bookout
1994Titles: Int’l Master 1994 John Birch
1994Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1994 William Shields 1994Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1994 Jose Granda
1994Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1994 Bill “Northwind” Houghton
1994Titles: Int’l Slave 1994 Beau Lee James
1994Titles: Mr. NLA 1994 Don Bastian
1994Titles: Ms NLA 1994 Mary Dante
199591Delta International hosts its first SM run in Pennsylvania. The core membership of the group is from Chicago Hellfire Club, and the Delta run is very similar to Inferno.
1995106NLA holds its tenth Living in Leather Conference in Portland OR. Mark Frasier becomes male co chair. Tony DeBlase and Woody Bebout are Keynote speakers. Viola Johnson and Larry Townsend receive the Lifetime Achievement awards. Mr. and Ms NLA are David Hoffenbacker and Stacey.
19952Pantheon of Leather Event Pin
19952Pantheon of Leather Pantheon is held in New Orleans. (GHardy)
19952Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year The Cuff
19952Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Hilton Flax
19952Pantheon of Leather Canadian Award Syd Creighton
19952Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year GMSMA
19952Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Man Mark Frazier
19952Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Woman Amy Marie Meek
19952Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Woman Sallee Mallard Huber
19952Pantheon of Leather Event of the Year Int’l SM/Leather/Fetish Celebration New York
19952Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Marcus Hernandez
19952Pantheon of Leather International Award Henre ten Have
19952Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Viola Johnson
19952Pantheon of Leather Local Community Service Award Philip Turner
19952Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Lenny Broberg
19952Pantheon of Leather Midwest Region Woody Bebout
19952Pantheon of Leather Non Profit Organization DSM Project
19952Pantheon of Leather Northeast Region David Weinbaum
19952Pantheon of Leather Northwest Region Andy Mangels
19952Pantheon of Leather President’s Award Dean Walradt
19952Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region David Hoffenbacker
19952Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Jamie Esposito
19952Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Frank Nowicki
19952Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Donna Shrout
199538Hungary legalizes common law same sex marriage.
1995325The State of Mississippi ratifies the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, making slavery illegal in the state.
19955The Leather Archives and Museum mounts its third exhibition during International Mr. Leather weekend.
199566Craig Byrnes introduces his design for the International Bear Brotherhood Flag. A design based on the Leather Pride flag, with seven fur-colored stripes and a paw-print in the upper left, is accepted.
1995730The 15 Association, The Outcasts and the Society of Janus join forces to host SpannerMart 2 in San Francisco, raising $7,248 for the Spanner Defense Fund.
1995115Motor Sportclub Amsterdam and the European Council of Motorcycle Clubs sponsored the 1996 Mr. Europe Leather and Mr. Europe Drummer contests. Antonio Sanchez of Madrid Spain won both titles and will represent Europe in both IML and the Mr. Drummer finals in 1996.
19951115Beyond the Edge Cafe, operated by Alena Gabosch and Denise Pedro, opens in Seattle. It quickly becomes the meeting place for men and women into the leather/sm/fetish scene. Many special interest and social groups use it as a meeting space and it is the site of many scene related art shows and performances. Closes, Jan. 1999.
199511Glenn Walker and five other men found The Spanking Club of Los Angeles.
199511The Leather Archives and Museum moves to a storefront at 5007 N Clark St. and opens its first permanent exhibition gallery. The first show highlights items from the collection and features the original artwork of Dom Orejudos. The collection is made available to researchers.
1995Advertisement in Prometheus (Spring 95) for S&M News, an adult newspaper devoted to news of the SM and Fetish Scenes.
1995Publication of 2069 Trilogy by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of A Matter of Possession by G.C. Scott
1995Publication of Art of Tom “Ropes” by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of Ask Larry: Collected Leather Notebook Columns by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of Beware the God who Smiles by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of Bizarre Complete set reprint by Taschen
1995Publication of By Her Subdued by Laura Antoniou
1995Publication of Construction Worker by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of Country Rogues by Bill Lee
1995Publication of Dark Eros: The Imagination of Sadism by Thomas Moore
1995Publication of Essential Papers on Masochism by Margaret Ann Fitzpatrick Hanly
1995Publication of Flederfiction by Fledermaus
1995Publication of Flesh and the Word 3 by John Preston
1995Publication of Forbidden Passages by Pat Califia
1995Publication of Le Fer Rouge magazine
1995Publication of Looking for Mr. Preston, A Celebration of the Writer’s Life by Laura Antoniou
1995Publication of Love Sal, Letters from a boy in the City by Sal Lacopelli
1995Publication of My Private Life: Real Experiences of a Dominant Woman by Mistress Nan
1995Publication of Of Slave Ropes and Lovers by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of One Handed Histories, The eroto-politics of gay male video pornography by John R. Burger
1995Publication of Painful Pleasures
1995Publication of Return to the Chateau by Pauline Reage
1995Publication of Rope Above by Jason Fury
1995Publication of Rubber Rebel
1995Publication of S&M: Studies in Dominance and Submission by Thomas A. Weinberg 2nd revised edition
1995Publication of Sadomasochism in Everyday Life: Why we Hurt ourselves and others and how to stop it by John Munder Ross
1995Publication of Screw the Roses, Send me the Thorns by Philip Miller and Molly Devon
1995Publication of Sex, Shocks, Sadism
1995Publication of SM Futures: Erotica on the Edge by Cecilia Tan
1995Publication of Some Women by Laura Antoniou
1995Publication of Spider Garden by Michael Manning
1995Publication of Testicles, The Ball Book by Gary Griffin
1995Publication of The Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton & Catherine A. Lizst
1995Publication of The Care and Training of the Male Slave 2 by Robert Payne
1995Publication of The Hero, Manhood and Power by John Lash
1995Publication of The Joy Spot by Phil Andros
1995Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook II by Larry Townsend 1995 edition
1995Publication of The Mistress and the Slave
1995Publication of The Passive Voice by G.C. Scott
1995Publication of The Politics of Pain: Torturers and Their Masters by Ronald D. Crelinsten and Alex P. Schmid
1995Publication of The Trainer by Laura Antoniou
1995Publication of Thy Rod and Staff by Edward Anthony
1995Publication of To Take a Slave by Larry Townsend
1995Publication of Topping from Below by Laura Reese
1995Publication of Warclouds by Artemis Oakgrove
1995Publication of Writing Below the Belt, Conversations with Erotic Authors by Michael Rowe
1995Cleo DuBois creates “The Cleo Dubois’ Academy of SM Arts” (GHardy)
1995Desmodus Inc. stops publishing DungeonMaster and The Sandmutopia Guardian. Harold Cox and Bob Reite, the owners of Checkmate purchase DungeonMaster and incorporate it into their publication. Mitch Kessler and Gerrie Blum, a couple from New York who have been involved in many aspects of the SM community for many years, purchase The Sandmutopia Guardian and resume publication of that title.
1995Ad For Los Angles LeatherFest 1995 (GHardy)
1995TLC: A year with a leather club is released. This documentary video made by Randy Riddle covers a year of activities by the members of the Tarheel Leather Club.
1995The Lesbian SM Video, Bloodsisters, is produced (GHardy)
1995Tom “Ropes” McGurk presents Bound in Servitude Video
1995C-Space, an SM instruction forum ceases operations in Seattle.
1995Clubs disbanded: Black Angels (Koln), Cascade Bears (Portland, OR), Lost Angels (DC), Ozbears Australia, and Vanguards MC (Philadelphia).
1995Formation of AktiveSMuenchen (Formed by a splinter group of freiesMuenchen) Germany
1995Formation of Brew City Bears Milwaukee, WI
1995Formation of Cleveland Bears Cleveland, OH
1995Formation of Coastal Empire Sentinels Savannah, GA
1995Formation of COLLAR Denver, Co
1995Formation of Continental Divide Leather Pride Committee Colorado
1995Formation of Dedicated and Safe Club Chicago, IL
1995Formation of Dragon Leather Club Columbus, OH
1995Formation of Empire Bears Rochester, NY
1995Formation of Ferry Riders Vancouver, Canada
1995Formation of Firebirds Milwaukee, WI
1995Formation of Harbor City bears Sydney, Australia
1995Formation of International Dungeon and Playroom Association
1995Formation of Kansas City Cave Bears Kansas City, MO
1995Formation of Knight Cruisers Lexington, KY
1995Formation of Lash (women) Stockholm, Sweden
1995Formation of Leather Engineers of Omaha (LEO) Omaha, Nebraska
1995Formation of Loft, The Philadelphia, PA
1995Formation of Metro Bears New York
1995Formation of NLA - Metro New York New York
1995Formation of ONYX Leather Chicago, IL
1995Formation of Peer Group Ohio
1995Formation of PEP – Ohio (later becomes Peer Group) Ohio
1995Formation of Polish SM Society Nowy Sacz, Poland
1995Formation of Rocky Mountain Dragons Salt Lake City, Utah
1995Formation of Seattle Kink Information Network (SKIN) Seattle, WA
1995Formation of Showme Bears MO
1995Formation of Smarti.e.s Hamburg, Germany
1995Formation of Sober, Safe, Sane and Consensual Club (SS3C) Chicago, IL
1995Formation of SOCIETY, The Connecticut
1995Formation of South Sound S&M Leatherfolk Olympia, WA
1995Formation of Spanking Club, The Los Angeles, CA
1995Formation of Summit Masters Colorado Springs, CO
1995Formation of Texas Riders MC (Corpus Christie Chapter) Corpus Christi, TX
1995Formation of Tidewater Individuals Exploring Domination (TIED) Hampton Roads, VA
1995Formation of Trident International - Baltimore Connecticut
1995Formation of Twilight Guard CT
1995Formation of Vulcan America Los Angeles, CA
1995Formation of West Florida Growlers Tampa, FL
1995Formation of Women’s Welcoming Committee Seattle, WA
1995The 15 Association creates a fund, named for deceased member Alexis Sorel, in order to assist brothers in need.
1995The David Weinbaum Foundation is founded in New York City. The purpose of the foundation it to make cash grants to organizations to be used for specific projects benefiting the leather/SM/fetish community.
1995First Ms Florida Leather, International Mr. Fantasy, Mr. Leather Europe, and Ms New Mexico Leather contests.
1995Titles: American Leather boy 1995 Kevin McGraw
1995Titles: American Leatherman 1995 Greg Lowe
1995Titles: American Leatherwoman 1995 Mon Cherie
1995Titles: Drummer 1995 David “W.W.” Walker
1995Titles: Drummer boy 1995 Pup (Rob)
1995Titles: IML 1995 Larry Everett
1995Titles: IMsL 1995 Pat Baillie
1995Titles: Int’l Master 1995 Jack Stice
1995Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1995 Tim Cousins
1995Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1995 David Cowan
1995Titles: Int’l Mr. Fantasy 1995 J. D. Buchert
1995Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1995 Clifford Hooks
1995Titles: Int’l Slave 1995 Tom Stice
1995Titles: Mr. NLA 1995 David Hoffenbacker
1995Titles: Ms NLA 1995 Stacey
1996103Living In Leather XI is held in Portland OR. Jan Hall becomes female co chair. Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose, and to Jo Arnone. The International Mr. And Ms NLA titles are terminated
19961018Leather University’s Dungeon 101, held in Ft. Lauderdale FL, brings two days of SM instruction by a naturally recruited faculty. Small class sizes allow hands-on laboratory participation. And nightly homework assignments are given.
19961New York’s White Columns mounted a show of bright color photographs of duo John Lovett and Alessandro Codagnone with their in-laws: Lovett’s parents are all about American suburbia, Codagnone’s live in a respectable home outside Milan, Italy. The parent’s smile, the boys are smiling too – and draped in leather and bondage gear. Were a couple, just as they’re a couple, and yet who is normal or abnormal? Says Codagonone.
19961Performance Artist Bob Supermasochist Flanagan dies at age 42 of cystic fibrosis. (DeBlase Timeline)
1996210The Leather Journal holds it’s first Mr. And Ms Olympus Leather during the Pantheon Of Leather weekend. Ron Hendon and Daddy Flo are named to the titles.
1996211Pantheon of Leather Pantheon of Leather IV is held in New Orleans
1996211Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year Gauntlet Inc
1996211Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the year Jim McGlade and Chuck Renslow
1996211Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region Paris Elizabeth Sea
1996211Pantheon of Leather Club Event of the Year ECMC 25th Anniv Weekend in Amsterdam
1996211Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year The 15 Association
1996211Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Judy Tallwing McCarthy
1996211Pantheon of Leather International Award Don Bastian
1996211Pantheon of Leather International Award Mary Dante
1996211Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award Don Thompson
1996211Pantheon of Leather Local Community Award Hart Sparks
1996211Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Woody Bebout
1996211Pantheon of Leather Midwest Region Jan Hall
1996211Pantheon of Leather Non-Profit Organization Countdown on Spanner
1996211Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Walter Klinger and Gerald LeGault
1996211Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man Frank Norwicki
1996211Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Woman Cindy Bookout
1996211Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Greg Lowe
1996211Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Dean Walradt
1996211Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region (2) Bill Costomoris
1996211Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region (2) Jack Stice
1996211Pantheon of Leather West Coast Region Jeff Henness
1996211Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Sarah Humble
19967Smart Bremen-Oldenburg becomes the second German SM group to be awarded the legal status as an eingetragener Verein.
19969Tania and Denya found WALP: Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride and start organizing the women’s presence at the Mr. Drummer Europe 96 weekend. The first mailing is sent out to combined mailing lists of Stichting and Wild Side magazine
19961010The Austrian SM-group Eat Me, Beat Me, is founded in Vienna based on the model of American Munches.
19961112Death in New York City of leather community activist Barry Douglas. He served four years as Chairman of GMSMA, was on the steering committee for the 1987 March on Washington, co chaired the National Leather Conference held at that event, Served on the executive committee for the 1993 March On Washington and on the board of the International Stonewall 25 commemoration in 1994. In 1988 he was the first person to be honored as Man of the Year by The Leather Journal. (Born 1949)
19961118Death of Phillip Miller, co-author with Molly Devon of Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns.
199611The German lesbian SM group Smacht! – Autonomies Netzwerk lesbischer und bisexueller Frauen is founded. This is the first known lesbian SM group in Germany.
19961216Publication of Mach #34 by Brush Creek Media. The magazine originated as Drummers Big Brother at Alternate Publications, becomes International Leatherman’s adopted brother after Desmodus Inc. sells the title to the Bear family of magazines.
1996Publication of Alchemy of Love and Lust by Theresa Crenshaw MD
1996Publication of Bears, Beasts and Masculine Beauties: Art of Dade/Ursus
1996Publication of Bizarre Postcards by Taschen
1996Publication of Blunder Broad Strikes Back by Eric Stanton
1996Publication of Bound to be Free: The SM Experience by J.J. Madeson
1996Publication of Consensual Sadomasochism: How to talk about it and How to do it by Bill Henkin
1996Publication of Defending Pornography: Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women’s Rights by Nadine Strossen
1996Publication of Dhampir: Child of the Blood by V. M. Johnson
1996Publication of Different Loving: The World of Sexual Dominance and Submission by Gloria Brame
1996Publication of Doc and Fluff by Pat Califia
1996Publication of Doris Klosters Photographs by Taschen
1996Publication of Dragons Lair by John Savage
1996Publication of Fetish Girls by Taschen
1996Publication of Fetish by Valerie Steele
1996Publication of Hard to Imagine by Thomas Waugh
1996Publication of Leather Ad: S (re-print) by Larry Townsend
1996Publication of Leather and Latex care: How to keep your leather and latex great by Kelly J. Thibault
1996Publication of Leathersex Q & A by Joseph Bean
1996Publication of Let’s Play Dress Up by Charles F Gustin
1996Publication of Master by Masochist Sacher-Masoch
1996Publication of Miss Abernathy’s Concise Slave Training Manual by Christina Abernathy
1996Publication of Ritual Sex by Tristan Taormino and David Aaron Clark
1996Publication of Safe Sane Consensual and Fun by John Warren MD
1996Publication of Sex Magick 2 by Cellia Tan
1996Publication of Sex Toy Tricks by Jay Wiseman
1996Publication of SM Visions: The Best of Circlet Press by Cecillia Tan
1996Publication of SM-Handbuch by German activist Matthias Grimme. This is the first SM safety book written in German.
1996Publication of The Alternate Sources Guide by Trevor Jacques
1996Publication of The Complete Spanker by Lady Green
1996Publication of The Only Reason I Mention This by Daddy Bob Allen Collection of the Best of The Wearin’ O The Hides Columns
1996Publication of The Second Coming by Pat Califia & Robin Sweeney
1996Publication of Valentines Shanghaied by Valentine Hooven
1996Publication of Wings of Incarus by Daddy Bob Allen
1996Videos: Leather Lust IML, and Roped by Tom McGurk
1996Formation of Cougar Leather Club Adelaide, AU
1996Formation of Eat Me, Beat Me Vienna
1996Formation of Learning to Exchange Power Omaha, NE
1996Formation of Leatherman’s Discussion Group San Francisco, CA
1996Formation of Men of Rubber Chicago, IL
1996Formation of Peoria D/S Forum Peoria, IL
1996Formation of Rochester Kink Society (RKS) Rochester, NY
1996Formation of Smacht - Autonomies lesbisher und bisexueller Fraen (women) Germany
1996Formation of South Bay Bears CA
1996Formation of Southeast Conference of Clubs (SECC) Wilmington, NC
1996Formation of Southern Leather Lesbians at Play (SLLAP) FT, Lauderdale, FL
1996Formation of Susquehanna Valley Bears Harrisburg, PA
1996Formation of Tribe, The Atlanta, GA
1996Formation of Uncommon Ground Denver, Co
1996Formation of Wisconsin Leathermenc Milwaukee, WI
1996Formation of Women Hosting Outrageous Leather Events, (WHOLE) Philadelphia, PA
1996Titles: Drummer 1996 Kyle Brandon
1996Titles: Drummer boy 1996 Mike DeNisco
1996Titles: IML 1996 Joe Gallagher
1996Titles: IMsL 1996 Jill Carter First African American IMsL
1996Titles: Int’l Master 1996 Morganna
1996Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1996 Todd Nelson<
1996Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1996 Daniel Sonnerfeld
1996Titles: Int’l Mr. Fantasy 1996 Kevin Watson
1996Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1996 Frank Norwicki
1996Titles: Int’l Ms Deaf Leather 1996 Cool Cat
1996Titles: Int’l Slave 1996 Michael
1996Titles: Mr. Olympus Leather 1996 Ron Hendon
1996Titles: Ms Olympus Leather 1996 Daddy Flo
199774Kyle Brandon, International Mr. Drummer 1996-97 hosts A Gathering of Eagles at a private estate in Philadelphia. An all expense paid party for the country’s Leather List served as the setting at which $1000 checks were passed out to seven worthy recipients from around the country. The Leather Archives and Museum was one of the recipients.
19971017The Tom of Finland Foundation’s Erotic Art Fair, featuring hundreds of pieces of erotic are in all media by numerous artists from around the world. Los Angeles, CA.
19971024Amsterdam Leather Pride Celebration.
19971114Black Rose X, the tenth anniversary celebration of Black Rose is held in Washington DC.
19971New York S/M Activists formed. By Leonard Dworkin and Susan Wright
19972Pantheon of Leather Event Pin
19972Pantheon of Leather The Pantheon of Leather Awards are held in New Orleans
19972Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year Leather Rack (DC)
19972Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Audrey Joseph
19972Pantheon of Leather Club Event of the Year TES 25th Anniversary
19972Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Sandia Leather
19972Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Tony DeBlase
19972Pantheon of Leather International Award George Cameron
19972Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Frank Puckett
19972Pantheon of Leather Local Community Award Wes Randall
19972Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Mark Frazier
19972Pantheon of Leather Mid Canadian Region Trevor Jacques
19972Pantheon of Leather Mid-Atlantic Region (2) Joe Morris
19972Pantheon of Leather Mid-Atlantic Region (2) Suzette Dyanick
19972Pantheon of Leather Midwest Region Cara Hines
19972Pantheon of Leather Non-Profit Organization Leather Archives and Museum
19972Pantheon of Leather Northeast Region Michael Horowitz
19972Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Jay Allen and Gary Chichester
19972Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man (tie) David W.W. Walker
19972Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man (tie) Jack Stice
19972Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Woman Sarah Humble
19972Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Daniel Sonnenfeld
19972Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Darryl Flick
19972Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Pat Baillie
19973NLA Toronto’s Newsletter The Flogger
199747Death of Jack Stice, International Master 1995, and leather activist in Atlanta, the southeast, and the nation.
1997419The first annual Leather Leadership Conference is held in New York City.
1997512The Internet newsgroup soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm is formed.
19975Details magazine’s 1997 College Sex Survey reports that 27% of the college men they asked had done bondage with a partner, 23% more had fantasized about it. 26% of the women had done bondage with a partner and 25% more had fantasized about it. This is more than 50% of all college students who have at least fantasized about bondage! The same questions about SM got identical percentages from men and women 6% had done it, 11% more had fantasized
19975The Internet SM group Datenschlag and the AG SM& Oeffen-tlichkeit produce the first map of heterosexual SM groups in Germany. At this time there are 53 known groups in 45 cities.
19976Publication of Bob Mizer's Physique Pictorial by German art publisher Taschen, this is a three volume boxed set of the complete run the magazine. (Note: this is a complete run of issues still extant, there are no surviving copies of a few.} (DeBlase Timeline)
19976In Czech Village Cerna, the “Other World Kingdom” opens its gates. It becomes an important meeting place for the fem-dom scene. The matriarch house publishes fem-dom movies, books and magazines. ( (GHardy)
199774The Eulenspiegel Society’s Equestrian Club is founded.
19971027the Internet group Datenschlag in Germany creates the first version of Time Line of Sadomasochism.
19971031Mr. Drummer Europe contest.
199710Living in Leather XII is held in Portland. Under bylaws revisions Mark Frasier becomes President and Jan Hall becomes vice president and president elect.
1997111Women’s Studies Conference at State University of New York, New Platz includes coverage of SM and leather topics that enrage members of the SUNY board of trustees, and the George Pataki, Governor of the state of New York.
1997119Mr. World Rubber 1998, Keith Waltrip, selected at a contest at Mans Country and sponsored by International Mr. Leather.
199711Formation of The Red Chair, a pansexual group created to promote Safe Sane and Consensual BDSM in north central Alabama.
19971227Newsweek includes an article entitled "Lick Me, Flog Me, Buy Me!" On the mainstreaming of SM.
1997NLA Houston’s Chainlink Newsletter May June 1997
1997Publication of A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting by Deborah Addington
1997Publication of Art of Eric Stanton: For the Man who Knows his Place by Taschen
1997Publication of Between The Cracks: The Daedalus Anthology of Kinky Verse by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard
1997Publication of Bitch Goddess: The Spiritual Path of the Dominant Woman by Pat Califia
1997Publication of Bondage Book 4 by Rick Castro
1997Publication of Cathexis by Michael Manning
1997Publication of Diesel Fuel by Pat Califia
1997Publication of Fetish Files by Tom Porta
1997Publication of Flesh and the Word 4 by Michael Lowenthall
1997Publication of Horsemen by Joseph Bean
1997Publication of In Changing Times by Martin Levine
1997Publication of Journals of a Master by John Preston
1997Publication of Masochism: The Art of Power by Nick Mansfield
1997Publication of Master of Masters by Larry Townsend
1997Publication of Mastery of Submission, Inventions of masochism by John K. Noyes
1997Publication of Nightmare of Main Street
1997Publication of No Other Tribute: Tales of Women in Submission by Laura Antoniou
1997Publication of Of Men, Ropes and Remembrance by Larry Townsend
1997Publication of Physique Pictorial 3 Volume Set by Taschen
1997Publication of Rainbow County and other stories by Jack Fritscher
1997Publication of Rasslers, Ranglers & Rough Guys, The Erotic Art of Matt By Joseph W. Bean
1997Publication of S & M by Jeffrey Deshell
1997Publication of The Leathermans Handbook by Larry Townsend Silver Jubilee Edition
1997Publication of The Loving Dominant by John Warren
1997Publication of Their Master’s Voice by G.C. Scott
1997Publication of Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino
1997Publication of Wired Hard 2 by Cecillia Tan
1997A theme restaurant, La Nouvelle Justine, opens in Manhattan. The theme is SM, Along with the French cuisine, the staff of Top identified waitpersons and bottom identified supporting staff, both male and female, appropriately attired in leather and paraphernalia, will provide spankings, boot licking and other services. Prices are on the menu! Most guests sit at the tables; some eat out of a bowl on the floor.
1997Pat Boone, pop singing star of the 1950s and 60s tarnished his squeaky clean Christian image by appearing on the American Music Awards telecast wearing a leather vest, dog collar, studded wristbands and flashing his 62 year old bare chest with temporary tattoos. Trinity Broadcast Network quickly canceled Boone’s weekly gospel music show. On ABCs Good Morning America Boone later said, “God is into leather. The first clothes he made for anybody on this planet, he made them out of leather.”
1997The US Supreme Court rules that the Communications Decency Act, which sought to censor cyberspace, is unconstitutional interference of free speech
1997Formation of Bottoms Up – Southern Spanking Society Memphis, TN
1997Formation of Colorado Uniform Men CO
1997Formation of Columbia Erotic Power Exchange MO
1997Formation of CUFS Maine Maine
1997Formation of Kindred L/L Augusta, ME
1997Formation of Leather and Lace St Louis, MO
1997Formation of New York S/M Activists (NYS/MA) New York
1997Formation of Oklahoma Power Exchange Oklahoma
1997Formation of Red Chair Birmingham, Al
1997Formation of Sacramento Valley Leathermen (originally Capital City Leather Assoc) Sacramento, CA
1997Formation of SPICE Ft Lauderdale, FL
1997Titles: American Leather boy 1997 Max Steiner
1997Titles: American Leatherman 1997 Jim Raymond
1997Titles: American Leatherwoman 1997 Leslie Anderson
1997Titles: Drummer 1997 Jeffrey Adler
1997Titles: Drummer boy 1997 Dan Hughes
1997Titles: IML 1997 Kevin Cwayna
1997Titles: IMsL 1997 Genelle Moore
1997Titles: Int’l Master 1997 Roger Curtman
1997Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1997 Driller
1997Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1997 Patrick Richardson
1997Titles: Int’l Mr. Fantasy 1997 Ariq Robinson
1997Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1997 Piggy
1997Titles: Int’l Ms Deaf Leather 1997 Cool Cat
1997Titles: Int’l Slave 1997 Bill
1997Titles: Mr. Olympus Leather 1997 Mylez Edwards
1997Titles: Mr. Vulcan Rubber 1997 Rich Villagracia
1997Titles: Ms Olympus Leather 1997 Dauphine Sowell
1998213Pantheon of Leather Event Pin
1998213Pantheon of Leather Pantheon Of Leather Awards VII in New Orleans.
1998213Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year Play House Studios & Gallery
1998213Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the Year Philip Turner
1998213Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region (tie) George Cameron
1998213Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region (tie) Jay Wagoner
1998213Pantheon of Leather Club Event of the Year Black Rose 10th Anniversary
1998213Pantheon of Leather Club of the Year Black Rose
1998213Pantheon of Leather Couple of the Year Award Viola Johnson, Jill Carter and Queen Cougar
1998213Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Chuck Renslow
1998213Pantheon of Leather International Award Jacques Happe of Amsterdam
1998213Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Vern Stewart
1998213Pantheon of Leather Local Community Service Award Billy Lane
1998213Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Joseph Bean
1998213Pantheon of Leather Mid-Atlantic Region Jack McGeorge
1998213Pantheon of Leather Midwest Region R.J. Chaffin
1998213Pantheon of Leather Non-profit Organization David Weinbaun Foundation
1998213Pantheon of Leather Northeast Region Susan Wright
1998213Pantheon of Leather Northwest Region Spenser Bergstedt
1998213Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Kay Hallenger
1998213Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Lance Brittain
1998213Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award San Francisco Eagle
1998213Pantheon of Leather Publisher’s Award Shelly Hagen
1998213Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Man Tom Stice
1998213Pantheon of Leather Reader’s Choice Woman Jill Carter
1998213Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Leslie Anderson
1998213Pantheon of Leather South Central Region Michelle Buckle
1998213Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Tom Stice
1998213Pantheon of Leather Western region Peter Fiske
1998213Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year Jill Carter
1998731Thunder in the Mountains, a pansexual SM conference featuring a large roster of well known presenters from all over North America is held in Denver. The nightly Play parties are great fun too. The Leather Archives and Museums Traveling exhibit makes its first appearance.
1998821Ohio Leather Coalition holds the First Annual LeatherFest, Cleveland.
19981016Black Rose of Washington DC holds BR 98. BR10, celebrating the clubs 10th anniversary last year was such a success it will become an annual event!
1998214The Interclub Fund holds the 32nd Annual Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Guards and its member’s walk away with 22 honors, the Constantine’s received four awards and the California Eagles MC won three. A lifetime achievement honor is bestowed upon James Connor of the old Warlocks MC. The Community Service Award goes to Marcus Hernandez.
19982Robert V. Bienvenu II, submits his dissertation entitled The Development of Sadomasochism as a Cultural Style in the Twentieth-Century United States to the faculty of the University Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Psychology in the Department of Sociology, Indiana University. (GHardy)
1998312An exhibit, Queer & Kinky Danger: Artists Relating to Leather/SM/Kink opens at the Gay & Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California in San Francisco. It runs through May.
19983The Leather Journal, issue # 96, appears as a tabloid newspaper, changing from its previous magazine image. Commencing with this issue it will have free distribution in leather bars and other businesses. But will still be available by subscription.
1998418Publication of The Black Rose Guide to Hosting a Leather Event by Black Rose of the Washington DC area, just in time to be available at the Leather Leadership Conference II.
1998421The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom sponsors the first Leather Lobby Day, meeting with a number of Congress members Legislative Assistants to discuss discrimination and hate crimes involving sexual-minority practices
1998426Death at age 90 of Dominique Aury, who as Pauline Reage authored The Story of O.
1998523Annual Meeting of the Leather Archives and Museum membership is held in Chicago. The person occupying the post of executive director of LA&M is made an ex officio member of the LA&M board of directors and Joseph Bean moves from his elected seat on the board to this new one. Chuck Renslow and Tony DeBlase are reelected to the board and Phil Fluffy Swenson is elected to fill the open seat. Hilton Flax is elected to fill the remaining portion of the three-year term to which Joseph Bean had been elected.
1998523The Mr. Ebony in Leather Contest is held at the Leatherneck bar in Chicago. Andre Macial is named the winner.
1998524The first public performance of One Common Heartbeat is presented by composer Gary Aldrich, backed by soloists Joe Ricci and Kevin Tyrrell and the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus during the International Mr. Leather show in Chicago. Aldrich had written the Leather Anthem at the request of Chuck Renslow, executive producer of International Mr. Leather.
1998524The 20th International Mr. Leather Contest held at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. Tony Mills, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather becomes the 20th man to hold the IML title. A record 55 men compete, including Billy Lane, Mr. Seattle Leather, the first FTM transsexual to compete (he placed 10th).
1998524The first public presentation of the video documentary In God we Trust, In Leather we Lust is shown at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago. Yves J. Menou and Cyrl Zajac of The Underground Fire Tribe created the video.
199865Death, in New York City, of Leonard Dworkin, a longtime activist in the leather/SM community. He was a founder of NY SM Activists; one of the motive forces behind the Leather Leadership Conferences, Creator of the NLA Friends on line bulletin board and many others of similar interest, a long time board member of The Eulenspiegel Society and editor of that organizations publication, Prometheus.
1998611Selection of the cover man for the 1999 South of Market Bare Chest Calendar. This year, sponsored for the first time, by Miller Brewing Company
1998612Publication of the first issue of Young Deviants, a newsletter aiming to broaden the Horizons of the inexperienced, it is published online by The quarterly electronic newsletter is intended to provide basic safety and other information for young people interested in leather and SM.
199879Handing a resounding victory to the Defendants and a huge rebuke to the Plaintiff in the Scanlon v. Gay Male S/M Activists lawsuit, New York City District Court Judge Constance Baker Motley issues a decision dismissing all claims against against the three individual GMSMA board members named in the suit and most of the claims against GMSMA, and only awarded Scanlon $500 – the absolute bare minimum possible – each for two incidents of copyright infringement
1998714Chicagoland Discussion Group, a long running pansexual leather/SM organization holds its last meeting
199889Kink, A Women’s Perspective opens at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. This first special exhibit in the Museum’s gallery space features contributions of women to the art and literature of kink. The exhibit runs through Sept. 30.
1998820The Lesbian and Gay Rights Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union hosts a symposium entitled Leather and the Law in Los Angeles.
1998930The Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago hosts a party to mark the closing of it’s first special exhibit, and of its exhibition space, which will be converted to work space to facilitate handling its ever increasing collection of leather memorabilia. Traveling exhibits will represent the LA&M at events around the country and the former exhibition space in Chicago will be used for cataloging, conservation and research of the collection.
19981028World premier of Razorblade Smile, at Prince Charles Cinema in London. The film is Jake West’s homage to fetish vampires
19981031WALP and Wild Side hold First International Women’s SM leather WALP conference. The program included workshops, demonstrations and a panel of organizers from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and the UK. About 80 attend.
19981117Fetish Cartoon artist, Bill Ward passes away. (GHardy)
1998Publication of A Contagious Evil, The Mind of a Serial Killer by Larry Townsend
1998Publication of Beauty of Fetish by Steve Diet Goodde
1998Publication of Between the Body and Flesh by Lynda Hart
1998Publication of Black Feathers, Erotic Dreams by Cecilia Tan
1998Publication of Bondage, An Anthology of Passionate Restraint
1998Publication of Catalyst by Laura Antoniou
1998Publication of Code of Submission by Paul C. Alexander
1998Publication of Commanding Cunts (GHardy)
1998Publication of Confessions of a Naked Piano Player by Torsten Barring
1998Publication of Corporal In Charge (re-print) by Jack Fritscher
1998Publication of Czar, a novel of Ivan the Terrible by Larry Townsend
1998Publication of Defence of Masochism by Anita Phillips
1998Publication of Exotique: Complete set Reprint by Taschen
1998Publication of Forms of Desire by Doris Kloster
1998Publication of Juice, Electricity for Pleasure and Pain by Uncle Abdul
1998Publication of Kinky Crafts by Lady Green
1998Publication of Leathersex Shadows by Joseph Bean
1998Publication of Leatherwomen III by Laura Antoniou
1998Publication of Lust and Romance by Michael Rosen
1998Publication of S&M Gay Video Magazine
1998Publication of Sexually Dominant Woman by Lady Green
1998Publication of Slave Bondage by John Savage
1998Publication of Sublime Surrender: Male Masochism at the Fin-De-Siecle by Suzanne R. Stewart
1998Publication of Supermarket Tricks by Jay Wiseman
1998Publication of Take That: Erotic Art of Les Brush by Creek Media
1998Publication of The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton
1998Publication of The Leather Daddy and the Femme by Carol Queen
1998Publication of The Topping Book by Gordon Neale
1998Publication of Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves by Christina Abernathy
1998Publication of Tricks by Jay Wiseman
1998Two professors at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, receive a $5000.00 grant from the state organ of the National Endowment for the Humanities to study Mainstreaming and Identity Definition within a Sadomasochistic Subculture.
1998Tom “Ropes” McGurk Presents Feast Video.
1998Formation of All Women of Leather (AWOL) San Francisco, CA
1998Formation of Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) Arizona
1998Formation of BLF Berlin
1998Formation of Code12 Jax Jacksonville, Fl
1998Formation of Conservative Kink Salt Lake City, Utah
1998Formation of Dyke Uniform Corps New York
1998Formation of Fierro Leather Buenos Aries
1998Formation of The Group in Fresno Fresno, CA
1998Formation of Heart of Texas Bears Austin, TX
1998Formation of Iron Eagles MC Canton, OH
1998Formation of Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV
1998Formation of Lexington Lyons LL Lexington, KY
1998Formation of NLA - New Orleans New Orleans, LA
1998Formation of Nord Baren Hamburg, GER
1998Formation of PEP – New York New York
1998Formation of SM OdysseySan Jose, Ca
1998Formation of Smokey Mountain Power Exchange (SMPEX)
1998Formation of Trident International Central Florida Orlando, Fl
1998Formation of Western Massachusetts Power Exchange MA
1998Titles: American Leather boy 1998 Terry Sapp
1998Titles: American Leatherman 1998 Martin Hall
1998Titles: American Leatherwoman 1998 Mercea
1998Titles: Drummer 1998 Herve’ Bernard
1998Titles: Drummer boy 1998 Ryan Goldner
1998Titles: IML 1998 Tony Mills
1998Titles: IMsL 1998 Megan DeJarlais
1998Titles: Int'l Mr. Rubber 1998 Christoff Lehner
1998Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1998 Matthew Duncan
1998Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1998 Bob Rourke
1998Titles: Int’l Mr. Fantasy 1998 Tim Kernan
1998Titles: Int’l Ms Deaf Leather 1998
1998Titles: Int’l Saliva 1998 Piggy
1998Titles: Mr. Olympus Leather 1998 Charles Garrett
1998Titles: Ms Olympus Leather 1998 Katherine
199951The First Boys Training Camp (bTC) is held in Dallas, Texas and is produced by Master Dean Walradt and Master Jim. (GHardy)
19999NLA Florida Newsletter, Florida Link
19991Tom “Ropes” McGurk Presents Jail Punk, Flaming Bondage, Pizza Delivery and Shore leave Videos
19991Dean Ross of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is selected as Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather. The Centaur MC’s Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend this year, for the first time, includes a bootblack competition, which is won by a very popular woman, Tracy Black
199942In Berlin, The first International Women’s SM Leather Conference takes place. This conference is the precursor of Play, Mate. About 30 women from Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden and the USA participate (DACHS Timeline)
19991029The WALP conference becomes a three-day event over a weekend and draws more than 100 participants. (DACHS Timeline)
1999Publication of Black Men in Leather by Cain Berlinger
1999Publication of Bonda by Larry Lane
1999Publication of Counterpleasures by Karmen MacKendrick
1999Publication of Deviant Desires: Incredibly Strange Sex by Katherine Gates
1999Publication of Fetish Fantastic by Cecillia Tan
1999Publication of Final Restraint by Paul C. Alexander
1999Publication of House Rules by G.C. Scott 1999Publication of More and Harder by Morgan
1999Publication of Sex Tips from a Dominatrix by Patricia Payne
1999Publication of SM Classics by Susan Wright
1999Publication of Stalked by Larry Townsend
1999Publication of Stand by Your Man by Jack Fritscher
1999Publication of Sweet Gwendoline by John Willie
1999Publication of To Love, To Obey, To Serve V. M. Johnson
1999Publication of Ultimate Guide to Strap On Sex by Karlyn Lotney
1999The parent company of Drummer in Amsterdam shuts down the US Company in San Francisco. The magazine stops publication and the rights to the Drummer contest were released to Mike Zuhl for 3 years. Mike produces the contest in 2000 and 2001 when he announces he was going independent with a brand new contest (International LeatherSir and boy contest). Amsterdam announced they would produce Drummer on their own and their attempts apparently failed. (GHardy)
1999Living in Leather XIV, Held in Ft Lauderdale, Florida (GHardy)
1999Love and Leather is Held in Atlanta
1999Pantheon of Leather Pantheon Of Leather is held
1999Formation of Buffalo Bears Buffalo, NY
1999Formation of Carpe Diem Akron, OH
1999Formation of DC Boys of Leather Washington, DC
1999Formation of Discipline Corps Dallas, TX
1999Formation of Kink (Kink in Northeast Kansas) KS
1999Formation of MAST - San Francisco San Francisco, CA
1999Formation of MAST - Washington Washington, DC
1999Formation of Minnesota Stocks, Debentures and Bonds (MSDB) Minnesota
1999Formation of North Alabama Power Exchange Huntsville, AL
1999Formation of North Alabama Spanking and Social Alternative Huntsville, AL
1999Formation of Panthers New York
1999Formation of Portland Leather Alliance Portland. OR
1999Formation of Tennessee Gryphons Knoxville, TN
1999Formation of This Thing That We Do (T3WD) Columbia, SC
1999Formation of Threshold Los Angles, CA
1999Formation of West Virginia Humans into Perversions (WHIP) West Virginia
1999Formation of Whips and Chains of Arkansas (WACA) Arkansas
1999National leather Association recognizes Bill. “The Hun” Schmelling, Christine Baker and Hardy Haberman with the lifetime achievement award. (GHardy)
1999Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year International Mr. Leather
1999Pantheon of Leather Business Person of the year Jeanette Heartwood
1999Pantheon of Leather Canadian Region George Whiting
1999Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Man Bob Jacobs-Harris
1999Pantheon of Leather Community Choice Woman Pat Langlois
1999Pantheon of Leather Couple of the Year Pat Langlois and Pat Baillie
1999Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Alan Selby
1999Pantheon of Leather Forebearer Award Leonard Dworkin
1999Pantheon of Leather International Award Alex Hehr
1999Pantheon of Leather Large Club of the Year NLA Dallas
1999Pantheon of Leather Large Event of the Year Thunder in the Mountains
1999Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Marcus Hernandez
1999Pantheon of Leather Local Community Service Allena Gobasch
1999Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Thom Dombkowski
1999Pantheon of Leather Mid Atlantic Region Max Steiner
1999Pantheon of Leather Mid West Region Athena Lyons
1999Pantheon of Leather Non-Profit Organization NCSF
1999Pantheon of Leather Northeast Regional John Weis
1999Pantheon of Leather Northern California Dan Hughes
1999Pantheon of Leather Northwest Region Lynne Pierce
1999Pantheon of Leather President Award Jim Cobb
1999Pantheon of Leather President Award Master Doug Harris
1999Pantheon of Leather President Award Mike Zuhl
1999Pantheon of Leather Rocky Mountain Region Greg Lowe
1999Pantheon of Leather Southeast Region Victoria Gayton
1999Pantheon of Leather Woman of the year Joanne Gaddy
1999Titles: American Leather boy 1999 Jerry Acosta
1999Titles: American Leatherman 1999 Scott Reikofski
1999Titles: American Leatherwoman 1999 Schelli Dittman
1999Titles: Drummer 1999 Fraser Picard
1999Titles: Drummer boy 1999 Woodie Barnes
1999Titles: IML 1999 Bruce Chopnik
1999Titles: IMsL 1999 Pam Meyer
1999Titles: Int’l Master 1999 Miss Khiki
1999Titles: Int’l Mr. Bootblack 1999 Bob Ehrlich
1999Titles: Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather 1999 Buck Rogers
1999Titles: Int’l Mr. Rubber 1999 Thomas Smith
1999Titles: Int’l Mr. Saliva 1999 Billy Lane
1999Titles: Int’l Ms Bootblack 1999 Leslie Anderson
1999Titles: Int’l Slave 1999 Samantha
1999Titles: Mr. Olympus Leather 1999 Erick Lundren
1999Titles: Ms. Olympus Leather 1999 Cori Ander