"After approximately 4 years of gathering information from various sources, I am finally prepared to show others what I call my scrapbook. This incorporates the majority of the work that Tony De Blasé included in his original version of the leather history timeline. Portions of his timeline have not been used and information from other sources has been included. The information from other sources is indicated at the end of each item. If the item has not been referenced to another source, then it is from Tony De Blasé’s timeline.

This has been my attempt to join both the heterosexual and homosexual history of the BDSM/ Fetish/Leather Lifestyles. What originally started out as a personal interest hobby turned into a major project. Though this project does not cover all aspects of the BDSM/Fetish/Leather lifestyle, it does include a majority. This project will continue to grow as I stumble across more and more information.

The words on these pages are not my words, but instead those of others who have researched this lifestyle. Again, my main focus was to combine the information that had been obtained from both the het and homosexual sides of life. As I have found information as well, I have included that in this scrapbook as well. But as you thumb through all the pages of this scrapbook, you will see the difference between this and anything else you have seen in the past. It indeed is a scrapbook of our history." -- Gwen Hardy on the original Colors of Leather website.
1970Chateau 19, a mixed swingers club, held SM nights on Tuesday and Thursdays in New York. Bob and Penny ran Chateau 19. (GHardy)
1970Le Scenes in New York was run by Cheyenne and Honey. (Per Lenny Waller) This is an ad for Le Scene with Mistress Honey being in the rear of the Photo. (GHardy)
1970Sir Michael and Mistress Destiny found hell Fire West in Detroit, Michigan. There is no connection to Hellfire in New York. (GHardy)
1970Paddles in New York (GHardy)
1970Belle De Jur in New York did a weekly S&M Show. (Per Lenny Waller) (GHardy)
1970Club O was held at Fantasy Manor in New York and was run by Judy and Lois. This is a 1984 ad found in Corporal Newspaper. (GHardy)
1970Playhouse 51 also had a weekly S&M Show hosted by Magda. (Per Lenny Waller) (GHardy)
1970Sir Michael and Mistress Destiny found Hell Fire West in Detroit, Michigan. There is no connection to Hellfire in New York. (GHardy)
1970Publication of The Cain Leather Boys.
1970Publication of The Londoner’s.
1970Publication of Bizarre World
1970Publication of Female Domination Photo
1970Publication of Women's Wrestling Gym
1970Publication of Wrestling Perils
1970Publication of Pussy Cat Selections
1970In the early 1970’s, the only SM group in the San Francisco Bay Area was the BackDrop Club. This group catered largely to men and it was a for-profit group. Most of the women in BackDrop at the time were professional Dommes or submissives. The BackDrop club was located in Hayward. (Society of Janus Website)
1970Joyceline And Bizarbara were one of the first traveling B&D shows in the US and other countries, that featured a black and white Mistress.

Joycelin and Bizarbara were Dominant Queens who traveled the world doing shows, private and on the theatre stage. The show included Lesbian Love, Domination, Golden Showers, Defecation (when requested) on the Male Slave, Total Flogging, Branding, Crown of Thorns and finally the King and Queen.

Males in the audience participated when prior arrangements are made. Ladies in the audience were always invited to help them.

After the show their slave was turned over to couples in the crowd for private use. Those females in need of services provided by the slave could arrange to rent him.

After all shows Joycelin and Bizarbara were available for private sessions. They never travel without their personal slave in attendance or being part of the shows. (provided by Mistress Michelle)
1970Advertisement for Chains magazine, a L/L Club magazine for Leather Club Members and sponsored Independents.
1970Publication of Leather Numbers magazine
19701Customs officials seize and seek permission to destroy ten artworks from an international erotic exhibit scheduled to show in New York City. A New York court citing the First Amendment denies permission.
19706Celebrating the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the first gay pride parades/marches/rallies are held in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Cycle MC marches in the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade in NYC.
197076Troy Perry, founder of Metropolitan Community Church, and a leatherman, sits on the steps of the Federal Building in Los Angeles refusing to eat or leave until someone from the city of Los Angeles comes and talks to him about Gay rights. Eleven days later city Councilman Robert Stevenson holds a curbside meeting with Perry, ending his vigil.
19708Ad for Kris Studios
1970Publication of 2069+1 by Larry Townsend.
1970Publication of All or Nothing by Dirk Vanden. One of the most popular leather novels of its time.
1970Publication of All Stud by O.R. Wells
1970Publication of Billy’s Club by Larry Townsend
1970Publication of California Scene magazine begins. (GHardy)
1970Publication of Cell Block Sex by Sean.
1970Publication of Cruising a murder mystery novel by Jay Green. Later made into a movie, it was the subject of vocal demonstrations by gay activists who objected to the portrayals.
1970Publication of Exciter (1.1) by Elite Searchers Publications.
1970Publication of Fairy King by Larry Townsend.
1970Publication of Group Sex Vol 5 by Dr T.K. Peters.
1970Publication of Joven Cachoteca by Larry Townsend.
1970Publication of Kick, a Danish magazine.
1970Publication of Leather Ad Vol 2 S by Larry Townsend.
1970Publication of Leather Ad Vol1 M by Larry Townsend.
1970Publication of My Brother, The Hustler by Phil Andros.
1970Publication of Order of the Rod by Annonymous.
1970Publication of Punishment Rack by Mort Martin.
1970Publication of Roadside Sex by Sean.
1970Publication of Sado-Masochism Vol 3 by T. K. Peters.
1970Publication of San Francisco Hustler by Phil Andros.
1970Publication of Sex and the Lash Lovers by R. Rodgers Kingman.
1970Publication of Sexual Fetishes by T. K. Peters.
1970Publication of Surfside Sex by Sean.
1970Publication of The Levi’s Crowd by Robert Payne (John Embry).
1970Publication of The Young Master by William Lambert III. One of the best from this prolific author of gay erotica with an SM twist.
1970Leather bar openings include: the Barn in NYC; Boots in Ft. Lauderdale; The Cellblock in NYC, The Leather Game in Los Angeles; The Leather Stallion in Cleveland, the Eagle’s Nest, NYC: the Triangle in NYC,
1970Michael Holm starts Revolt Press in Sweden. He publishes Tom of Finland’s books of artwork, and later starts Mr. SM and Toy magazines.
1970Ad for Jack's Baths
1970Ad for The New Method
1970Ad for The Voice
1970Ad for Men in Leather
1970Spearhead holds its first Roundup run and the Vanguards hold their first Oktoberfest. The first Leather Sabbath is held in Washington DC.
1970Sepernts MC Winter Field Meet
1970The explicitly homoerotic SM film Born to Raise Hell starring Val Martin, produced by Terry LeGrand and directed by Roger Earl, is released in Los Angeles. It remains a classic of the genre to this date.
1970President Lyndon Johnson appoints the National Commission on Obscenity and Pornography. The commissioners are charged with: (1) analyzing laws pertaining to the control of obscenity and pornography and to evaluate and recommend definitions of obscenity and pornography. (2) To ascertain the methods employed in the distribution of obscene and pornographic materials and the nature and volume of traffic in such materials. (3) To study the effect of obscenity and pornography on the public and minors in particular, and porn’s relationship to crime and other antisocial behavior. (4) And to recommend legislation, administrative or other actions to regulate pornography.

To the shock and horror of the conservative leaders who had pushed for the report, the recommendation of the commission called for “the abolition of all general laws that prohibit distribution of obscene materials of the normal consensual kind to adults, and that obscenity laws should just take the form of specific laws dealing with particular kinds of contexts: public displays, unsolicited mailings and distribution to children. The commission also recommended that the country get serious about sex education.” Needless to say, that finding infuriated a lot of people and by a vote of 60-5 the Senate effectively dismissed the report like a bad dream. (
1970Formation of Centaur MC Richmond, Va
1970Formation of Druids MC Washington, DC
1970Formation of Entre Nous Boston, MA
1970Formation of Golden Horseshoe Leather Association Hamilton, Canada
1970Formation of Lake Riders, The Chicago, IL
1970Formation of Libertines, The Kansas City, MO
1970Formation of MC Keno Montreal, CAN
1970Formation of MS Amsterdam
1970Formation of MSC Rhein-Main Frankfurt, GER
1970Formation of Pacific Coast MC (PCMC) Los Angeles, CA
1970Formation of Praetorian Guard Maryland
1970Formation of Praetorians MC New York City, NY
1970Formation of San Franciscans, The San Francisco, CA
1970Formation of South Pacific MC Sydney, AUS
1970Formation of Southern Cross MC Melbourne, AUS
1970Formation of Spearhead Leather / Denim Social Club Toronto, CAN
1970Formation of TOR MC Toronto, CAN
1970Formation of Vulcan Rubber Club Washington, DC
1971Rossyln News was publishing novelettes.
19712The Eulenspiegel Society is founded in New York City as North America’s first SM organization. It is open to all sexes and orientations.
19714Publication of the Bay Area Reporter (aka the B.A.R.) by Bob Ross begins in San Francisco. Mr. Marcus begins his leather column in this newspaper in August of 1971. As of this writing in Jan., 1999, both the paper and the column are still going strong after 28 years!
197185The Bootcamp, a uniform themed bar opens at 1010 Bryant St. in San Francisco. Marcus Hernandez, aka Mr. Marcus, is manager.
1971829Formation of Tribe M.C. (later Tribe Detroit, Inc.).
19718In Chicago thirteen men decide to organize a group specifically to hold gay male SM play parties and the Chicago Hellfire Club is created.
1971Publication of 2069+2 by Larry Townsend.
1971Publication of All is Well by Dirk Vanden.
1971Publication of Beware the God Who Smiles by Larry Townsend.
1971Publication of Cruelty by G. Rothman MD.
1971Publication of Cruising by Gerald Walker, a shocking novel of suspense.
1971Publication of Disciples of DeSade. (GHardy)
1971Publication of Frost by Richard Amory.
1971Publication of History of Flagellation (2 volumes) by Jon A. Peterssen.
1971Publication of House of Pain by Monique Von Cleef.
1971Publication of Masochism, Love of Pain by Harvey M. Johns M.D.
1971Publication of Masochism: The Urge to be Mastered by Bernardo Pedraza.
1971Publication of Run Little Leather Boy by Larry Townsend.
1971Publication of Strange Love by Eustace Chesser.
1971Publication of The Flagellation Photo Illustrated History by Jon A. Peterssen.
1971Publication of The Long Leather Cord by Larry Townsend.
1971Publication of The Meat Rack by Frank Sheffield.
1971Publication of The Scorpius Equation by Larry Townsend.
1971Bunkhouse bar, a New Western bar and a new leather bar in Hollywood, CA (GHardy) (poster artwork by The Hun)
1971Leather bar openings include: the Boot camp in San Francisco, DC Eagle, The Ramrod in Phoenix, the Stockade in NYC; and the 247 in Philadelphia (corner of Latimer and 17th Street).
1971Two gay lovers, Duane Colglazier and Bill Rifkin, started The Pleasure Chest around 1971. (GHardy)
1971The In Between opens at 1347 Fosom i San rancisco, in between FeBe's and the Ramrod. It soon metamorphosed into the No Name, a popular leather bar.
1971Ad for the Bunkhouse, a new western and leather bar in Hollywood, Ca.
1971The first FFA run is held in Cambria CA.
1971Saytyrs MC Badger Flats Field Meet
1971Sepernts MC Winter Field Meet
1971Mr. FeBe's Rides Again
1971Formation of Argonauts MC CA, Los Angeles
1971Formation of Chicago Hellfire Chicago, IL
1971Formation of Chicago Knights MC Chicago, IL
1971Formation of Corn Haulers Des Moines, IO
1971Formation of Cycle Runners MC San Francisco, CA
1971Formation of Eulenspiegel Society New York, NY
1971Formation of Keystone Riders Philadelphia, PA
1971Formation of KingMasters MC Los Angeles, CA Larry Townsend Member
1971Formation of Knights of Malta – Jet Chapter Seattle, WA
1971Formation of MSC Belgica Belgium
1971Formation of Northern Riding Club UK
1971Formation of Scorpions MC (originally Centaur MC DC Chapter) Washington, DC
1971Formation of Thunderbolts MC Hartford, CT
1971Formation of Tribe MC Detroit, MI
1971Formation of Unicorn (Later Atlantis MC) Atlanta, GA
1971Formation of Unicorns MC Cleveland, OH
1971The Boston Bike Club disbands.
19721Ad for Leather “N” Things (Ghardy)
19723Ad for the Voyager Bar in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit’s only Leather Western bar and home of the “Tribe” (Ghardy)
197244Formation of Atons of Minneapolis
19724The (San Francisco) Bay Area Reporter newspaper begins publishing a column devoted to leather related news, gossip and information written by Mr. Marcus, (Marcus Hernandez.) The first, and longest running, column of its type, in 2004 it is still going strong!
197252Death of J. Edgar Hoover, for many years the director of the US Bureau of Investigation. For years his federal police force had kept surveillance records on thousands of individuals and organizations including many that were gay or engaged in other sexual activities beyond vanilla. After his death stories surfaced about his 44-year friendship with Clyde Tolson (1900-1975) who was his right hand man at the FBI and was his housemate outside the office. Photos of Hoover in female drag have also appeared. It seems that our FBI director, who could blackmail mafia dons and presidents with ease, was both homosexual and homophobe!
1972514The Tavern Guild holds their 2nd annual Circus Circus fundraiser event. According to Mr. Marcus Hernandez, the Tavern Guild was an organization composed of bar owners, bartenders in ALL the San Francisco bars from about 1967 to 1985.. It was formed to be a liaison group with the S.F. Police Dept. to stop raids in the bars, to deter Mafia ownership of gay bars and to raise money through various events for needy/others needs at that time. As a bartender (manager of the Boot Camp leather bar), Mr. Marcus was a member and an officer and a chair of several fund raising events, during his tenure as a member. This button is one of 2 carnival type events that was put on by the Tavern Guild and was Mr. Marcus’ FIRST fundraiser as a leather person. He was the chairman of the committee. He states that the 1st year was a financial flop but it made money the 2nd year, but unfortunately the membership voted to Not have it anymore after that. (Marcus Hernandez)
19727Queen’s Quarterly a New York based gay male magazine includes a very well illustrated article on the life and work of leather/SM publisher and artist, Steve Masters in Vol 4, #4.
19728Los Angeles police raid a HELP (Homophile Effort for Legal Protection) monthly fundraiser at the Black Pipe, a major leather bar. Among those arrested: HELP president Larry Townsend. The police are surprised when the organization fights back. Some consider this the West Coast Stonewall. (DeBlase Timeline)Twenty-one people were arrested in typical LAPD you-you-and-you fashion. (Jeanne Barney). The owner, Dwayne Moller, turned in his beer license for that day, so it wouldnt be a licensed premise. (Marcus Hernandez)
197210In a contest held at the Chicago Leather bar, the Gold Coast, John Lunning becomes Mr. Gold Coast. The FIRST leather titleholder.
1972Ad for Run No More by Larry Townsend (Ghardy)
1972Publication In the US of The Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend, the first S&M safety manual. The publication breaks open the isolation of the gay Old Guard, although its strong influence is still visible in it, e.g. in the chapter about motorbikes, Townsend is one of the first authors who document the customs and vocabulary of the homosexual S&M subculture. (DACHS Timeline)
1972Publication of A Persian Boy by Mary Renault. A novel that follows a slave boy in the service of Alexander the Great.
1972Publication of Bondage Classics by House of Milan begins. (GHardy)
1972Publication of Chains novel by Larry Townsend.
1972Publication of Dominators by Utopia.
1972Publication of Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort.
1972Publication of Joy of Sex by Alex Comfort. In this sex education book, which addresses itself not to a subculture, but to the normal population, S&M practices are portrayed as something natural. Later sex education works often lag behind this idea until the 21st century. (DACHS Timeline)
1972Publication of Punishment, An Illustrated History A Peter N. Walker.
1972Publication of Run No More by Larry Townsend. Sequel to Run Little Leatherboy.
1972Publication of Sadism, Masochism and other Sexual Aberrations by Larry Wright.
1972Publication of Sadomasochism in Comics by Greenleaf Classics.
1972Publication of SMads by Marshall Loeb begins. It offers gay male subscribers a chance to place and respond to explicitly SM personal ads and ceases in January of 1987.(DeBlase Timeline) Marshall published a quarterly collection of personal ads for gay men looking for BDSM partners. That was roughly contemporaneous with the Leather Fraternity, a similar publication by John Embry, and two years before the first issue of Drummer. Marshall continued to publish SMads through two moves (from New York to Houston, and then to Los Angeles) and 131 issues. The last issue of SMads was published in January 1987 issue, he was discontinuing publication because of a hostile atmosphere in the postal service for publications like SMads, even when they were mailed by first class mail to people who had asked and paid for them. Marchall published several other similar publications, such as SCads - Scat Ads, that for a while, threatened to take over SMads. (Robert Gunther)
1972Publication of Syndicate Sex Sean.
1972Publication of The Leatherman's Workbook byLarry Townsend.
1972Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend. 1st edition, first non-fiction book about gay male leather lifestyles.
1972Publication of Tool Box
1972Publication of Treasury of SM by Larry Townsend.
1972Publication of Whip and Rod by Eros (GHardy).
1972Publication of newsletters by Iron Cross called Crossroads and Nine Plus publishes last issue of its Scimitar.
1972R. Litman and C. Swearingen, in an article in the Archives of General Psychiatry, describe a bondage subculture in the USA. This is the first such reference to any leather group recognized as a subculture in the professional literature.
1972In all bigger cities in Western Europe, gay leather bars are established: The first pure leather bar in Germany, The Loreley bar in Hamburg, the S-Bahn-Quelle in Berlin, The Goldene 13 in Frankfurt/Main, Gusti’s Ochsengarten in Munich, Argos and Club LL in Amsterdam and LaBalace in Brussels. (DACHS Timeline) 1972The Folsom St. Barracks at 1147 Folsom St in San Francisco is the city’s first leather oriented Bathhouse.
1972Two New York leather bar institutions, the Ramrod and The Spike (formerly the Stockade) open. Nine Plus moves to a new location between The Spike and The Eagle.
1972Button From Febe’s Bar
1972Oedipus Penguin’s Picnic (The nickname “Penguins” was coined by a Buddy MC member at a Saddleback run back in the 60’s.
1972Oedipus MC holds their Grecian Games
1972CMC Carnival
1972For the first time, the US researchers R. Litman and C. Swearingen mention the existence of an US bondage subculture in a scientific work. The idea that sadomasochists are not single, isolated, sick persons, remains quite alien for science until the eighties if the 20th century. (DACHS Timeline)
1972Producer Terry LeGrand and Director Roger Earl make a gay male SM film starring Val Martin and a large cast. Born to Raise Hell is still regarded as one of the best gay male SM films ever made.

From the pool table at the Truck Stop Bar, to a stop at the Gauntlet, to a sweaty stay in a private basement dungeon, this 1970s-era Leathermen’s classic follows two hot tops as they make their way through a Los Angeles valley of eager slaves and beautiful bottoms
1972Formation of Atons of Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1972Formation of Bucks MC Philadelphia, PA
1972Formation of Celtics MC (Later Alabama Celtics MC & later Celts MC) Jackson, MS
1972Formation of The Interclub Fund, San Francisco, CA
1972Formation of Iron Cross MC Montreal, CAN
1972Formation of Knights of Malta, Black Rose Chapter Portland, OR
1972Formation of Knights of Malta, Emerald Chapter Seattle, WA
1972Formation of LOBOCS MC Long Beach, CA
1972Formation of New York Levi Club New York, NY
1972Formation of Omaha Meatpackers Omaha, NE
1972Formation of TAIL The Total Ass Involvement League CA, San Francisco
1972Formation of The Selectmen Detroit MI
1972Formation of The Stallions Cleveland, OH
1972Formation of Titan MC MA, Boston
1972Frank Ball founds TAIL, The Total Ass Involvement League, with members all over the world who communicate through frequently published newsletters, and membership rosters with carefully coded indications of sexual specifics offered and sought.
1972Marcus Hernandez, leather bar manager and leather columnist for The Advocate and later for the B.A.R, is selected as the first gay Emperess of San Francisco. (Not counting the Emperess Norton, of course.)
1973428Mid-America Conference founded during the 8th anniversary run of 2nd City MC in Chicago.
19738In Hamburg, the up till biggest gay leather meeting with about 470 guests takes place in the “Loreley Bar. (DACHS Timeline)
197311The Ambush opens at Harrison and Dore in San Francisco, and attracts a unique laid-back crowd of leather hippies. It remains a unique leather bar until it closes in 1986.
1973Listings for Ty’s and The Roadhouse in New York (Gay Newspaper #109) (GHARDY)
1973Publication of Best of Bondage by Savage.
1973Publication of Fantasia magazine by Centurians.
1973Publication of Five Faces of Masochism by Lydia Wilkinson.
1973Publication of Leather Fist by Hal Halstead.
1973Publication of Rubber Life. (Ghardy)
1973Publication of Taskmaster 1.1, a B&D Publication. (Ghardy)
1973Publication of The Leather Fraternity by “Robert Payne”, a contact club newsletter for leathermen in Los Angeles.
1973Publication of The Leatherman's Workbook 2 by Larry Townsend, Ringo, and the Renegades.
1973Publication of The Second Treasury of SM by Larry Townsend. Published with different covers.
1973Publication starts on the following newsletters - Atlantian from Atlantis MC; The Bolt from Thunderbolt and Scene and Machine from D. B. I. Corp, Washington DC. The latter newsletter publishes a list of leather bars in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and holds the first Mr. Scene & Machine contest at the NY Eagle—won by Mr. DC Eagle, Johnny Albert.
1973Publication of Ringo, and the Renegades. by Tom of Finland
1973Folsom Prison, a leather bar at Folsom & 14th St. opens in San Francisco. It closes in 1977.
1973Olympia Press ceases operation. (Ghardy)
1973The End Up opens in San Francisco and The Interchange Saloon opens in Detroit.
1973The Red Star Saloon opens; it is connected to the Barracks bathhouse, and is noted for its sleaze, as exemplified by its Chuck Arnette watersports ads and posters.
1973Tom of Finland’s first exhibition of original art, the illustrations for the book, The Loggers, is held in the back room of a sex shop in Hamburg. It is a disaster, poorly hung, poorly lit, no sales, and most of the art disappears.
1973Barbary Coasters 7th Anniversary
1973The Thunderbolt’s clubhouse burns.
1973The US Supreme Court, ruling in Miller v. California, defines obscenity as a violation of the community standards in the location where it is viewed.
1973Ron Johnson becomes manager of the No Name in San Francisco and converts it into a kind of Performance Art Leather Bar, which becomes wildly popular.
1973Cynthia Slater and Larry Olsen formed what would turn out to be a short-lived SM Group, one that was a precursor to Janus. This group lasted a few months, with meetings in Cynthia and Larry’s apartment and was attended by mostly heterosexual couples. (Society of Janus Website)
1973Formation of Celts MC (originally Alabama Celtics) Mobile, AL
1973Formation of Cin Cin Cycle Club Cincinnati, OH
1973Formation of Cin City MC Cincinnati, OH
1973Formation of Colorado Riders Denver, CO
1973Formation of Cycle Men South San Diego, CA
1973Formation of Denim Guy Club Australia
1973Formation of FLLA (later Thebans of Florida) Miami, Fl
1973Formation of Gateway MC St Louis, MO
1973Formation of Kansas City Falcons MC Kansas City, MO
1973Formation of Loge 70 Switzerland, ZURICH
1973Formation of Long Island Spuds MC Long Island, NY
1973Formation of Mid America (originally Midwest) Conference of Clubs Chicago, IL
1973Formation of Monterey Dons California, CA
1973Formation of MSC London London, ENG
1973Formation of Northern Lights Montreal, CAN
1973Formation of Olympian Cycle Corps Dallas, TX
1973Formation of Rochester Rams Rochester, New York
1973Formation of Roo Bike Club Sydney, AUS
1973Formation of SaddleMasters Illinois
1973Formation of San Francisco GDI's San Francisco, CA
1973Formation of Selectmen of Detroit MI, Detroit
1973Formation of Silver Star MC Milwaukee, WI
1973Formation of The Pride Chicago, IL
1973Formation of Thebans MC (Originally FLLA), Miami, Fl
1973Formation of Tridents International - Cleveland Cleveland, OH
1973Formation of Tridents MC International
1973Formation of Wrangler MC Dallas, TX
1973In Switzerland, the gay S&M group Loge 70 is formed. In 1997, it had about 140 members. (DACHS Timeline)
1973The MSC Koln (Cologne) has about 1000 members. (DACHS Timeline)
19741In London, the gay European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) is founded. Foundation members are four English clubs as well as the Boys Cuir France, Loge 70 from Switzerland, MSC Amsterdam and MSC Belgium. Shortly after, MSC Hamburg, the Dusseldorfer Motorsportfreunde and MS Panther Kohl join in. IN the beginning of 2000, the ECMC includes about 50 groups with in whole about 6000 members. (DACHS Timeline)
1974214Opening night for Doric Wilson and Peter de Valle’s Off Broadway theatre TOSOS (The Other Side Of Silence) with de Valle’s revue Lovers featuring a Leather couple and the song Belt & Leather.
19743Gay newspaper #112 contains an article entitled "Getting Turned-on to the S&M Scene." (GHardy)
19744Bitch Newspaper, Volume 1, Issue 3 contains an article on S&M by Marcia Bronstein. (GHardy)
1974621The last defendants in the LAPD raid of a HELP fundraiser at the Black Pipe are cleared of all charges.
19748Publication of The Society of Janus' first newsletter. It will become the club’s well-known Growing Pains.
19748In San Francisco, Cynthia Slater and Larry Olsen found the Society of Janus. In the first years, almost only gay men join in. In 1976, Janus has about 50 members, among them 5 women. Then the ratio of heterosexual members increases, while gays and lesbians retract into their own groups. In the mid-eighties, Janus has about 250 mostly heterosexual members. In the late eighties, the group has some internal conflicts, but regains its momentum in the nineties, mainly because of the Internet. In the beginning of 2000, Janus has 700 members. (DACHS Timeline)
197411Publication of Bolt magazine. Ad for Bolt magazine, a new leather magazine from the Thunderbolt MC. This Ad is from Drummer issue 24. (GHardy)
1974Publication of The Story of Harold by Terry Andrews.
1974Publication of Bondage Review
1974Publication of Illustrated Flagellation
1974Publication of Loveknots magazine by EMS. (GHardy)
1974Publication of Potpourri of SM4 by Larry Townsend.
1974Publication of Prince Tannahide by Stephen and Target Studios (artist also known as Etienne).
1974Publication of Queens of Cruelty by Parliament. (GHardy)
1974Publication of Ropes, Garters and Gags, and Housewives in Bondage by Lyndon Distributors. (GHardy)
1974Publication of SM- The Last Taboo by Gerald and Caroline Greene.
1974Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend. According to the written word in Bolt 2.6 (1974) John Callings is responsible for studding the jacket that appears on the cover of the new Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend. (Bolt Magazine 2.6)
1974Publication of The Leatherman’s Workbook 3 by Larry Townsend.
1974Publication of The Rigid Bondage Roster. (Ad found in Pro-me-thee-us #3)
1974Publication of The Third Treasury of SM by Larry Townsend.
1974Publication of issue #1 of Gay Bondage magazine edited by “Tau” (Jim-Ed Thompson). Produced after Jim Ed had convinced the House of Milan, for which he worked as an editor of heterosexual SM titles, to try a gay title. After three issues they are convinced and Action Male, a magazine of more general gay male leather interests, replaces Gay Bondage.
1974Publication of the first issue of Bound to Serve, the photo magazine of gay male bondage and SM lasts for 10 issues, through 1980.
1974Bar openings include: The Bike Stop in Philadelphia; Gauntlet, NYC; The Horseshoe Saloon, DC; Munich Eagle; A/J Ranch, Harper’s Ferry WV; and the Strap, NYC.
1974Lambda Rising Bookstore opens in Washington DC.
1974Rob Meijer opens RoB Amsterdam leather shop in Amsterdam. The shop becomes legendary for its quality and design, and expands to become one of the leading erotic art galleries in the world and THE leading gallery for leather male art.
1974The Leather Underground opens in Baltimore
1974Mentioned in issue 3 of Pro-me-thee-us is the Sado-Masochist Society of Philadelphia, and held meetings the second Wednesday of each month, for straights and Bi’s at the Philadelphia Ethical Society.
1974The first World Congress of Sexuality is held in Paris.
1974Barbary Coasters 8th Anniversary
1974Jim Ward, a jeweler, meets Doug Malloy a wealthy man who had made a lifelong study of body piercing in various cultures. They become lovers, partners, and in 1975, the founders of the body piercing business, Gauntlet.
1974Cynthia Slater starts The Society of Janus in the San Francisco Bay area. It is an SM interest group open to all genders and orientations.
1974Formation of Alabama Celtics (originally Celtics MC Azalea Chapter, later Celts MC in Mobile) Mobile, AL
1974Formation of Argonauts of Wisconsin Green Bay, WI
1974Formation of BALL MC (Bay Area Leather/Levi MC) Tampa / St Pete, Fl
1974Formation of Celtics MC New Orleans, LA
1974Formation of Corp of Rangers Los Angeles, CA
1974Formation of European Conference of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC) Europe
1974Formation of Forum, The San Francisco, CA
1974Formation of Handlebar MC Seattle, WA
1974Formation of Hawks MC Los Angeles, Ca
1974Formation of Houston MC Houston, TX
1974Formation of Ili Holo Hawaii
1974Formation of International Roadmasters Detroit, MI
1974Formation of Iron Cross MC Los Angeles, CA
1974Formation of Knights d’Orleans New Orleans, LA
1974Formation of Ms Panther Cologne Germany
1974Formation of MSC Berlin Berlin
1974Formation of MSC Hamburg Hamburg
1974Formation of MSC Midland Link Worchester, UK
1974Formation of MSC Pennine Chain Cheshire, UK
1974Formation of MSC Scotland Scotland
1974Formation of Ontario Leather Club Buffalo, NY
1974Formation of Regiment of the Black and Tans Los Angeles, CA
1974Formation of Rodeo Riders Chicago, IL
1974Formation of Shipmates Baltimore, MD
1974Formation of SLM Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark
1974Formation of Society of Janus San Francisco, CA
1974Formation of Sons of Apollo MC Phoenix, AZ
1974Formation of Swords de Montreal Montreal, CAN
1974Formation of The Lanyards Toronto, CAN
1974Formation of The Lynks MC Washington, DC
1974Formation of The Philadelphians MC Philadelphia, PA
1974Formation of Trash MC New York City, NY
1974Formation of Zodiac Fraternal Society Vancouver, BC
197510Publication date of the first issue of Leather Bound.
19756Publication of Drummer magazine by John Embry and Alternate Publishing begins. Prior to the publishing of the Drummer magazine as we know it today, these two formats were published, a bar guide and newspaper style. (as found in Drummer 38) The newsprint version of Drummer was a newsletter for H.E.L.P., Inc. (per Jeannie Barney)
19758Robert Opel’s “Requiem for a Toolbox” in Drummer #2 is the artist’s ode to the famed San Francisco leather bar.
19758Robert Payne announces the film, and accompanying photo still book, The Pledge in Drummer #2.
19751031Val Martin is selected Mr. Leather in Los Angeles at the Hawk’s annual Leather Sabbath.
197510Drummer #3 includes the publication’s first masthead listing Robert Payne as Publisher, Jeannie Barney as Editor in Chief, and V. C. Kuemmel as Art Director. And it includes the Magazine’s first centerfold, a collage of Target photos from The Pit series shot in the so-named lower floor of Chicago’s leather bar, the Gold Coast.
1975Publication of Bizarre Comix (issue 1)
1975Publication of Bondage Movie Review by Tao Publishers.
1975Publication of Book of Terms, Symbols and Abbreviations by R.F.M.
1975Publication of Boy Keeper by Carl Strater
1975Publication of Care and Training of the Male Slave by Robert Payne. First in a series of this title.
1975Publication of Chains by Larry Townsend. A Collection of SM. First in a series of magazine sized anthologies of gay male SM erotica to be published.
1975Publication of Confessions of O, Conversations with Pauline Reage by Regina DeForges. Published in France, US edition published in 1979.
1975Publication of Discipline & Punishment, The Birth of the Prison by Michael Foucault. Do It Yourself Sadomasochism.
1975Publication of Do It Yourself Sadomasochism
1975Publication of Heels, Hose and Helpless by EMS Publishing. (GHardy)
1975Publication of Ladies in Restraint by Rosslyn News. (GHardy)
1975Publication of Leather Master
1975Publication of My Brother, My Slave by Kurt Kreisler.
1975Publication of The Life of a Masochist (Volume 1) by R.F.M. (Roger Mays). Volume 2 follows in 1977.
1975Publication of Night of Submission Robert Payne. Still photos from the SM Film.
1975Publication of S&M Gym by Jim Morris.
1975Publication of Sadomasochism Completely Illustrated by James Hartwell.
1975Publication of Tailgate Trucker by Clay Caldwell.
1975Publication of Tailpipe Trucker by Clay Caldwell.
1975Publication of The Anthology of SM (Volume 1) by Larry Townsend
1975Publication of The Anthology of SM (Volume 2) by Larry Townsend
1975Publication of The Leatherman’s Workbook Volume 4 by Larry Townsend.
1975Publication of The Pledge by Robert Payne aka John Embry.
1975Publication of The Treasury of SM 4 by Larry Townsend. Published with different covers.
1975Bar openings include: The Cell Block (Richard & Pearl St), Philadelphia; The Chamber, Kansas City; Hombre, SF; and Knolle, Berlin. The Exchange, a leather shop in the Columbus OH Eagle, opens, as does the Emporium in San Francisco.
1975The Catacombs, a private club for SM and, primarily, fisting opens in San Francisco. by Steve McEachern. The catacombs were not a place you could easily walk into. Steve personally interviewed many of the potential guests. Each newcomer had to be invited to join. Reservations were mandatory – no exceptions.
1975Hawks Leather Sabath: The Hawks was a Leather club and the social arm of H.E.L.P. The group held an annual Leather Sabbat, a fundraising event for H.E.L.P. and THE social event of the season - Leathermen came from all over, some from as far away as Amsterdam, to see and be seen. It comes from the personal collection of the founding editor of Drummer magazine/Past President of H.E.L.P. Inc. and recipient of the Hawks 1976 Humanitarian Award (Jeanne Barney)
1975San Francisco GDI Button “A Date at Minsky’s”
1975The Story of O is made into a movie.
1975Formation of ASMC American Social Mens Club in Boston
1975Formation of Association Sportive Motorcycliste de France Paris, FR
1975Formation of Battalion Motorcycle corps Dallas, TX
1975Formation of Black Sabbath MC San Francisco, CA
1975Formation of Blackhawk MC Richmond, Va
1975Formation of Blue Max Cycle Club St Louis, MO
1975Formation of Brotherhood of Los Angeles Los Angeles, Ca
1975Formation of Brothers MC Jacksonville, Fl
1975Formation of Centurion MC San Francisco
1975Formation of Chicago Cossacks Brotherhood Chicago, IL
1975Formation of Colts MC Ft Lauderdale, FL
1975Formation of Cycle Sluts Conquistadors MC Orlando, FL
1975Formation of Elagabulus MC Norwood, South Australia
1975Formation of Excelsior MC New York City, NY
1975Formation of Five Star MC New Zealand
1975Formation of Hawaii Club Los AngelesCA
1975Formation of Heart of Texas MC Austin, TX
1975Formation of Iron Guard BC and New York
1975Formation of Kansas City Pioneers Kansas City, MO
1975Formation of Knights of Malta Stockmen’s Chapter Denver, CO
1975Formation of Knights of Malta, 49ers Chapter San Francisco, CA
1975Formation of Los Angeles, CA
1975Formation of Militia MC Norfolk, Va
1975Formation of Mini Bikers MC New Orleans, LA
1975Formation of Minnesota Norsemen MN
1975Formation of MSC North West New Brighton, UK
1975Formation of Munchner Leder Club Nova, NYC
1975Formation of Nova Bears New York
1975Formation of Ottawa Knights Ottawa, Canada
1975Formation of Rurals MC Roermund, Netherlands
1975Formation of Sierra Mountaineers South Lake Tahoe
1975Formation of Signs of Zodiac Detroit, MI
1975Formation of SLM Stockholm (originally SLM Sweden) SWE
1975Formation of South Pacific Rangers San Francisco, CA
1975Formation of Southern Conference of Motorcycle Clubs
1975Formation of Space City MC Houston, TX
1975Formation of Sternwheelers Louisville, KY
1975Formation of Sunrays MC Miami, Fl
1975Formation of Tejas MC Houston, TX
1975Formation of Trade-Winds Chicago, IL
1975Formation of Voyagers New Bedford, MA
1975Formation of Vulcan Rubber Club Boston, MA
1975Formation of Yorktown Levi Denim Club Toronto, CAN
1976Cardea is created at Cynthia Slater’s request, and as part of a Janus outreach to attract female members. Created as a women’s rap group called Cardea. This was the first women’s SM group in San Francisco and was set up as a safe place where women could find out more about SM as a stepping-stone leading into Janus. Pat Califia becomes involved in the scene through Cardea (Society of Janus website)
19761Full Moon Night at Larry’s, Los Angeles’ popular leather bar, becomes so crowded it is changed to admission by invitation (and reservation) only.
19763Drummer #5 includes the first cartoon strip by British artist Bill Ward. The strip is titled King.
1976410Los Angeles Police Department raids a Slave Auction being held at the Mark IV baths as a fundraiser sponsored by Drummer magazine. A major case of police overkill as the resulting legal actions show.
19766Publication of SM Dungeon Devices by The Trading Post in San Francisco, an illustrated catalog of SM toys.
19767Publication of the first issue of Package, by Fred Halsted’s "Journal of Men Fact & Opinion". Last 6 issues, through Jan 1977. (Issue 1.3)
19769The Gold Coast, Chicago’s premier leather bar, celebrates it’s 15th anniversary with a week long party detailed in Drummer #9.
19769Chicago Hellfire Club celebrates its 5th anniversary by holding a weekend long event featuring a Saturday night SM party at a remote campground. Called Inferno 5, this is first of what are to become the most infamous and exclusive male SM play events.
19761026The Mineshaft in New York City opens. This after-hours club allowed and encouraged virtually all forms of sexual activity among its hot male patrons. It was a mecca for leather/SM types in the Eastern US and Canada. Closed in Nov. 1985.
197611The cover of Drummer #10 spotlights a new artist, REX, using a drawing he did for the Trading Post poster. But the masthead does not yet include his name.
1976Publication of A Collection of SM Short Fiction Vol 2 by R.F.M.
1976Publication of Cuties in Captivity by Rosslyn Publications and Fetish Times Gazette by B&D Publications. (GHardy)
1976Publication of Gay American History, Lesbians and Gay Men in the USA By Jonathan Ned Katz. Revised Edition 1992.
1976Publication of Leather and Things by R.F.M.
1976Publication of LeatherBoy, LeatherMan by Robert Stewart.
1976Publication of Mannespielen, a portfolio of art by Rex, followed by Icons in 1977 and the Rex calendars, published by The Trading Post, then the Mineshaft, in later years.
1976Publication of Men in Bondage Photos by Larry Townsend.
1976Publication of Mr. SM and Slave Master. (GHardy)
1976Publication of NewsLeather magazine. An international magazine for Leather-Levi men begins. (GHardy)
1976Publication of Potpourri of SM by Larry Townsend.
1976Publication of South Africa Gay Scene
1976Publication of Taut magazine by Chelsea. (GHardy)
1976Publication of The Fantasy Game by Dr. Peter Dally.
1976Publication of The History of Sexuality (Vol 1) by Michael Foucault.
1976Publication of The Leatherman’s Workbook 5 by Larry Townsend. Published with different covers.
1976Publication of The Tom Album Vol 2 by John S Barrington.
1976Publication of The Treasury of SM 5 by Larry Townsend.
1976Publication of Two Bulls in a Male Harem by R.F.M.
1976Ad for RFM Products (GHardy)
1976Ad for the LeatherRack in Washington, DC and Male Hide leathers in Chicago (GHardy)
1976Bar openings include: Badlands, NYC; and The Boston Eagle.
1976Sir James founds Club Chateau in Los Angeles
1976The NY Eagle begins Sunday brunch and Tea Dance.
1976The Slot, a very leather “hotel” sex club, opens on Folsom near 6th in San Francisco. And a sex club called “The Hotel” opens in San Francisco, in 1979 it changes it’s name to the Handball Express.
1976Nick O'Demus, owner of A Taste of Leather shop upstairs at FeBe's, opens The Trading Post at 960 Folsom in San Francisco.
1976Mr AMCC
1976Anniversaries: Febe’s 10th Anniversary
1976Friendship Run, San Francisco, CA. In 1976, 50 leathermen from Sydney, Australia visited San Francisco and this pin was created to commemorate the event.
1976Formation of Adventurers Tampa, Fl
1976Formation of American Leathermen MC Houston
1976Formation of Boomers MC Darwin, Australia
1976Formation of Brotherhood of Man Hollywood, Fl
1976Formation of Colts 45 Houston, TX
1976Formation of Companion MC Philadelphia, PA
1976Formation of Connecticut Copperheads CT
1976Formation of Dallas MC Dallas, TX
1976Formation of East Anglica Bikers UK
1976Formation of Falcons MC Rhode Island
1976Formation of FFA-CAC Washington, DC
1976Formation of FFA-Washington Washington, DC
1976Formation of Glass City Champions (originally International Roadmasters of Toledo) Toledo, CAN
1976Formation of Griffin Motor Club Canberra, Australia
1976Formation of Imperial Guards (Now Golden Gate Guards) San Francisco, CA
1976Formation of International RoadMasters of Toledo Toledo, Oh
1976Formation of Jackaroos Melbourne, Australia
1976Formation of Knights of Omaha Omaha, NE
1976Formation of MSC Finland Finland
1976Formation of MSC Groningen Netherlands
1976Formation of New York Coordinating Committee New York
1976Formation of Peregrine MC Atlanta, GA
1976Formation of Silver Barons MC Reno, NV
1976Formation of LC Stuttgart
1976Formation of SLM Norway Norway
1976Formation of The Spirits of St Louis St Louis, MO
1976Formation of The Tarnsmen Baltimore, MD
1976Formation of Trojans MC Toronto, CAN
1976Formation of Valley Knights MC Sacramento, CA
1977Hellfire Club (9th avenue in New York) was opened in New York and was what may have been the first bi/straight club in the city. It evolved from the Catacombs, a gay New York club. It was the first club to host a mix of straight, bi and gay orientations. Before Hellfire found a home, David and Ed (last names unknown), parties were held in a loft on E 28th Street, then later at the Ballroom in the old Taft Hotel. (Per Emails from Lenny Waller) (GHardy)
197712Folsom Prison, one of San Francisco’s best known leather bars, closes.
19771Jeannie Barney leaves as Editor of Drummer. John Embry’s name first appears as Publisher in issue #12. (picture submitted by Jeannie Barney)
19771Eons Gallery in Los Angeles holds Tom of Finland show and publishes the Tom of Finland 1978 calendar. Tom attends the opening and meets Durk Dehner who would become his partner in establishing the Tom of Finland Foundation.
1977525Everard Baths in New York burns, Killing 9 in the fire. (Drummer 16) (GHARDY)
197767Newly won gay rights legislation in Miami is rescinded following Anita Bryant’s anti-gay campaign.
197712Publication of Bullsheets by American Uniform Association, its first newsletter.
1977FFA poster by Jackyl
1977Drummer poster by Jackyl
1977Fist Goodbody’s Traveling Torture Show, a 33-RPM record is issued. This is a Bolero-like crescendo of male moans and screams that is remarkably well done in spite of the gender-bender album cover and other hype.
1977Prometheus 9 includes this ad for S/M Express Newspaper.
1977An Official Handkerchief Color Code Guide is published in Drummer. (GHardy)
1977Publication of A Products Book Vol 2 by R.F.M.
1977Publication of Babes in Bondage 1.1 by Rosslyn News.
1977Publication of Barnyard Sex by Sean.
1977Publication of Bizarre Restraint 1.2 by Kane Photos.
1977Publication of Bound Beauties of Irving Klaw Volume 3 1947-1963.
1977Publication of Bound to Tease 1.1 by Lyndon Enterprises.
1977Publication of California Bondage 1 by Lyndon Enterprises.
1977Publication of Cellblock Sex by Sean.
1977Publication of Collection of SM Vol 3 by RFM.
1977Publication of Corporal Newspaper by Esoteric Press. (GHardy)
1977Publication of Exotica Kane Photos. (GHardy)
1977Publication of Fetish Bazaar by Kane Photos.
1977Publication of Fetter by Kane Photos.
1977Publication of Hard Corps: Studies in Leather and Sadomasochism by Michael Grumley.
1977Publication of Hardhat Sex by Sean.
1977Publication of Manifest Sadomasochism of Males: Results of an Empirical Study by Angreas Spengler, a short English version of his sociological study on gay sadomasochists. This article is the foundation of modern empirical research on SM. Spengler is the first to describe sadomasochists not as sick individuals but as members of a sexual minority that forms complex subcultures, thereby contradicting psychiatric theory since Krafft-Ebing. The gay selection bias in the study leads him to conclude that there are no female sadomasochists, a view that will be held by psychoanalysts and sociologists alike until 1985.
1977Publication of Midnight Express by Billy Hayes. Documents his experiences in a Turkish prison.
1977Publication of My Life as a Masochist (pt 2) by R.F.M.
1977Publication of Old Time Punishments by William Andrews
1977Publication of Potpourri of SM Vol 2 by Larry Townsend
1977Publication of Bondage Photo #48 Rosslyn News
1977Publication of Roadside Sex Sean
1977Publication of Sexual Outlaw by John Rechy
1977Publication of Story of Q by Robert Payne
1977Publication of The Leatherman's Workbook 6 by Larry Townsend.
1977Publication of The Leatherman’s Handbook by Larry Townsend, 3rd printing.
1977Publication of The Treasury of SM 6 by Larry Townsend
1977Publication of What you always wanted to know about Sadomasochism by Harvey T. Leathem M.D.
1977Publication of the first issue of Piercing Friends International Quarterly magazine (PFIQ) by Gauntlet Enterprises, the Los Angeles based manufacturer of piercing jewelry.
1977Bar openings include Dirty Edna’s Stampede, NYC; Boots, Los Angeles; and The Brig, SF. Folsom Prison, SF, closes.
1977The Balcony, a bar at 2166 Market St in San Francisco opens and becomes the prime hang out for the fisting crowd.
1977Run premiers include First Links MC Leather Cocktails in NYC; Lone Star in Texas; The Philadelphians Tri Cen; and Prairie Fire, at Chicago.
1977Recon MC Annual Run
1977Salo, Pasolini’s film version of deSade’s 120 Days in Sodom, is released in the US. The film includes explicit stories and scenes of humiliation, scat, torture, and more. However even more such scenes have been cut to get past American censors.
1977Colts MC of Ft Lauderdale disbands.
1977Formation of Ambassadors of Goodwill MC Boston, MA
1977Formation of American Uniform Association (AUA) New York City
1977Formation of Avengers MC East East Summit, NJ
1977Formation of Avengers MC West Claremont, Ca
1977Formation of Black Angels Koln Vancouver, CAN
1977Formation of Black Guard Minneapolis, MN
1977Formation of Force-5 Palo Alto, CA
1977Formation of Friends of Leather & Denim Club Montreal, CAN
1977Formation of Guardians MC New Haven, CT
1977Formation of Lancers MC New Orleans, LA
1977Formation of Leatherriders Bike Club Victoria, Australia
1977Formation of LMC Berlin Berlin, German
1977Formation of London Blues UK
1977Formation of MC Faucon Montreal Montreal, CAN
1977Formation of Meisters der Manner Orlando, FL
1977Formation of Missouri Association of Clubs MO
1977Formation of Mobile Man Van Club Detroit, MI
1977Formation of Mountain Men of Leather Denver, Co
1977Formation of MS Rotterdam
1977Formation of MSC Belgium Belgium
1977Formation of Nimbus Cycle Club Doyla, MI
1977Formation of Nutcrackers MC Indianapolis, IM
1977Formation of Pennsmen Harrisburg, PA
1977Formation of Phil-Ducks Philadelphia, PA
1977Formation of Phoenix Uniform Club San Francisco, CA
1977Formation of SLM Goteborg Sweden
1977Formation of SMBB International North Hampton, UK
1977Formation of South Orange Bikers Santa Ana, Ca
1977Formation of Texas Cadre Austin, TX
1977Formation of Tsarus Memphis, TN
1978613Gayle Rubin, Pat Califia, and 16 other female sadomasochists found the women’s SM group, Samois, in San Francisco. This is the first known women’s SM group.
19781029Stompers, New York City’s unique combination of boot store and leather art gallery, holds a joint exhibit of the work of Tom of Finland and Etienne. A later exhibit focuses on the erotic art of Domino and Stompers publishes a catalog of his work.
1978Pro-me-thee-us issue 10 mentions the contact magazines Continental Spectator and Club Goldenrod both are publications of ads relating to B/D and S/M.
1978Eons begins producing the Tom of Finland Calendar.
1978Publication of 9 ½ weeks by Elizabeth McNeill
1978Publication of Anthology of SM (Volume 3) by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of Anthology of SM (Volume 4) by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of Behavior Modification, The Art of Mind Murdering by Richard Camellion
1978Publication of Bound Beauties of Irving Klaw Volume 5, 1947-1963
1978Publication of Collection of S&M Vol 4 by R.F.M.
1978Publication of Discipline Helmets by Centurians. (GHardy)
1978Publication of Le Masochisme Au Cinema by Jea Streff, in France
1978Publication of Leather and Things by R.F.M.
1978Publication of Man into Wolf by Robert Eisler. An Anthropological Interpretation of Sadism, Masochism and Lycanthropy.
1978Publication of Nude and Bound magazine by Domina Press. (GHardy)
1978Publication of Obedience magazine by House of Milan begins. (GHardy)
1978Publication of Potpourri of SM 3 by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of Sadeian Women and the Idea of Pornography by Angela Carter
1978Publication of SM Truckers by Clay Caldwell
1978Publication of The Fetishist and other Stories by Michael Tournier
1978Publication of The Leatherman's Workbook 7 by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of Treasury of SM 7 by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of Treasury of SM 8 by Larry Townsend
1978Publication of the first issue of Bunkhouse, a magazine for the Western-Levi Scene. It lasts for seven issues through 1981.
1978The first article on “The Quarters” in San Francisco appears in Drummer #24. This near mythical, though for a short time actual, training center and boarding facility for slaves, depicted a Drummer ideal.
1978Thomas S. Weinberg publishes an article on the sociological perspectives on sadomasochism. The article is based on the concept of frames.
1978Bar openings include: The Arena, SF; Clementine’s, St. Louis; Half-Breed, NYC; The New Leather Loft, NYC; The Outlaw, Detroit; Stall, Frankfurt Germany; Tiger’s Paw, New Orleans; and The Watering Hole (formerly the Roundup) SF.
1978Spike San Francisco celebrates its 1st anniversary (GHardy)
1978The Arena and the Black & Blue, two leatherish bars open in San Francisco.
1978The RoB Gallery opens in Amsterdam.
1978Nine Plus clubhouse destroyed by fire in NYC.
1978Pat Califia’s big project was getting Janus to march in what was then called the 1978 Gay Freedom Day Parade. This became a controversial issue and had to fight for the right to be in the parade. Janus was the first political group to be included in the parade. (Society of Janus Website)
1978Gayle Rubin moves to San Francisco to begin studies of the gay Leatherman’s culture.
1978Formation of Avengers MC East Summit, NJ
1978Formation of Branding Iron Club Dallas, TX
1978Formation of California Cyclemen MC San Diego, CA
1978Formation of Centurions Columbus, Ohio
1978Formation of Destiny MC Miami, Fl
1978Formation of Eagle MC West Palm Beach, Fl
1978Formation of FFA - Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
1978Formation of Four Star MSC Belgium
1978Formation of Highwaymen Trash & Travel (TNT) Washington, DC
1978Formation of Men’s Club Arhus Denmark
1978Formation of Nickel City MSC Buffalo, NY
1978Formation of Pegasas MC Wichita, KS
1978Formation of Pennsylvania Association of Clubs PA
1978Formation of Phoenix Levi/Leather Club Miami, FL
1978Formation of Pocono Warriors NY
1978Formation of Reading Railmen Reading, PA
1978Formation of Renaissance MC Detroit, MI
1978Formation of Rough Riders MC San Antonio, TX
1978Formation of Royal Eagle Montreal, CAN
1978Formation of Samois San Francisco, Ca
1978Formation of San Francisco Wrestling Club San Francisco, CA
1978Formation of Scorpio Leather Club Holyoke, MA
1978Formation of Senate Los Angeles, CA
1978Formation of South Florida Council of Clubs FL
1978Formation of Stud MC New Haven, CT
1978Formation of Swamp Fox MC Columbia, SC
1978Formation of Toronto Motorcycle Riders Toronto, CAN
1978Formation of Trenton Bulls MC NJ
1978Formation of Trojans MSC Montreal, CAN
1978Formation of Windy City Wrestling Club Chicago, IL
1978Formation of Youngstown Exiles Ohio
1978Signs of Zodiac, Detroit, Disbands.
1978The Pocono Warriors are founded in eastern Pennsylvania as a combination of the older leather/levi/motor-cycle social club and the more current SM sex club.
1978Drummer announces a search for Mr. Drummer, the winner to be picked from photo submitted by those wishing to enter.
1979914Chicago Hellfire Club’s Inferno 8 goes to a two night SM party and Tony DeBlase creates a schedule of demonstrations, contests, and a flea market to fill the intervening day. John Preston and Tony DeBlase in Drummers #34 and 35 cover it extensively with text and photos. This is the first real publicity on Inferno.
197977Rod’s (bar) opens in Madison WI. Not strictly a leather bar, but leather friendly and for years the best there is in Madison.
19791014The first Lesbian and Gay March on Washington. Over 100,000 attend.
19791030A Different Light Bookstore opens in Los Angeles; they will be the first bookstore to have a separate Leather/SM section.
197911Publication of Dungeon Master a newsletter of male SM techniques begins. Fledermaus, a.k.a. Tony DeBlase, publisher, editor, etc. He uses the phrase “Safe and Sane S&M” to describe its subject matter.
1979Bette Midler records My Knight in Black Leather.
1979Mr. Benson by John Preston, writing as Jack Prescott, begins serialization in Drummer #29.
1979Publication of A Day and a Night at the Baths by Michael Rumaker.
1979Publication of Anthology of SM Volume 5 by Larry Townsend.
1979Publication of B&D in American Religious Cults by Star Distributors
1979Publication of Bondage Nudes by Harmony. (GHardy)
1979Publication of Chastity Belts magazine by Centurian. (GHardy)
1979Publication of Painful Pleasures by Esoteric Press
1979Publication of Picture Book of Bondage 2 by R.F.M.
1979Publication of Picture Book of Bondage by R.F.M.
1979Publication of Potpourri of SM 4 by Larry Townsend
1979Publication of Rushes by John Rechy
1979Publication of Sadomasochisten und ihre Subkulturen by Andreas Spengler. The German 129 page version of his study on the sadomasochistic subculture. The detailed German text explains that there is insufficient data to finally conclude there are no female sadomasochists, a point lost in the English version and subsequently on most researchers.
1979Publication of Strap
1979Publication of The English Vice by Ian Gibson
1979Publication of The Leatherman's Workbook 8 by Larry Townsend
1979Publication of Treasury of SM 9 by Larry Townsend
1979Publication of Undressed for Bondage magazine by Lyndon Distributors. (GHardy)
1979Publication of monthly newsletter Dominant Mystique begins publication in New York and is published by the New Esoteric Press. The newsletter emphasizes Female Dominants and male submissives. (GHardy)
1979Publication of the first of a series of magazine size photo books from Zeus studios featuring muscular men in bondage. The series continues through 1986.
1979A sex club called the Hothouse opens at 5th and Clara in San Francisco
1979Hundreds of the 1978 Tom of Finland calendar are left unsold. Durk Dehner comes up with a scheme to cut off the calendar and sell the beautifully printed drawings as a photo set and the Tom of Finland company is born.
1979It is a year for leather shop openings in San Francisco. Leather Forever and Leatherworld open in the Castro district. And in the Folsom area Taylor of San Francisco opens on Clementina, and Alan Selby opens Mr. S Leather on 7th between Folsom & Howard.
1979Sasha Alyson starts Alyson Publications. Alyson is one of the first publishers to welcome gay leather/SM works, including those by John Preston and the lesbian SM book Coming to Power.
1979The Amsterdam Eagle opens
1979The bar formerly known as the In Between, the No Name, and by several other names over the years is purchased by Hank Diethelm and becomes The Brig, quickly becoming the most popular heavy leather bar in San Francisco. It closes in 1986 not long after Diethelm is murdered by strangulation in his playroom by a trick; he was dead before his house was set on fire.
1979The Caldron opens at 953 Natoma in San Francisco and becomes a famous piss palace.
1979The Stables, The Watering Hole and the Trench open in San Francisco. None has a long life but the two latter bars become very popular with the water sports crowd.
1979Satyrs MC, the country’s oldest, celebrates its 25th anniversary in the Grand Ballroom of the Queen Mary, Long Beach CA.
1979Stompers presents Art by Domino (259 West 4th, NYC)
1979The Pocono Warriors hold their first Whitewater Weekend, which includes opportunities for whitewater rafting, and a very well equipped dungeon space, the first organization after Chicago Hellfire Club to formally include an SM sex party in the activities.
1979Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is named an honorary man by hosts during a visit to the Persian Gulf so he could visit areas barred to women.
1979The Video Caligula is released
1979Formation of Castaways MC Milwaukee, WI
1979Formation of Chicago MOB (Men of Brotherhood) Chicago, IL
1979Formation of Dolphin MC Sydney, AUS
1979Formation of Excalibur NJ
1979Formation of Inn Men Akron, Ohio
1979Formation of Leathermen of Atlanta Atlanta, GA
1979Formation of Mid America Fists in Action (MAFIA) Chicago, IL
1979Formation of Minnesota Marauders Minneapolis, MN
1979Formation of New World Rubbermen Santee, CA later Port Townsend, WA
1979Formation of Sisters of Perperual Indulgence San Francisco, CA
1979Formation of SMiL Denmark
1979St. Louis Leathernecks and Northern Lights MC, Montreal disbands.
1979Titles: IML 1979 David Kloss of San Francisco, Ca.
1979Titles: IML 1979 1st runner up Durk Denher